Thursday, March 20, 2014

Well.... since I am up

It is 1:52 am and I currently am awake. At least I think I am awake. Unless there is there such a thing a sleep-blogging I am going to go with being awake. Do you think my mini-nap after work could have anything to do with it?? I think not...  

This is such a lovely hour to be awake! The house is quiet, mainly because Firefighter is working and there is jack crap on TV. Well that is normally the case. Tonight, or rather this morning (does it count as a new day if I haven't been to sleep yet), I am fortunate enough to have been entertained by Ice Age and now I am currently listening to Good Will Hunting. This good fortune is not always the case. Lately on my current insomnia tour of 2014 (coming soon to a city near you) I have been experiencing crap on tv. In my case this makes it harder for me to fall asleep. I am dependent on the tv to fall asleep. I have tried to break that habit but it doesn't seem to work. When I do turn off the tv I lay there and my brain won't turn off. It goes and goes and goes.... and about no one thing in particular. 

I am pretty confident that my insomnia is stemming from my new thyroid medicine, Armor. I was prepared for it, but blindly naive when the insomnia didn't set in right away. I had one good month of normal sleep while the meds built up in my system. Now, the meds are there and well, here we are.... awake at 2am. 

Of course while laying in bed trying to will myself to sleep I wonder too, what affect if any the food I have eaten that day is a contributing factor as well. Firefightrer and I have been on a healthy streak. He isn't following any "diet" per say, whereas I am trying to follow the Paleo way of eating. For the most part I am doing pretty good, but I have fallen off the wagon here and there. It happens....don't judge me! But tonight in particular, I am feeling a somewhat burning sensation in my tummy. I didn't have anything that bad today... except for maybe 2 doughnut holes this morning and 1 mini-muffin and I tried some buffalo sauce with my chicken at dinner, but not a lot. Just enough to add a hint of it. And now it appears that I am paying for it. 

So in my new involuntary hobby as an insomniac I am trying to make the best of it. I have downloaded some photography podcasts to listen to and educate myself. Sadly often times I tend to doze off during them. I have a wedding coming up in September that I am FREAKING out about for 2 reasons. Reason #1 - I have NEVER shot in a church before and reason #2 - the wedding is that of a coworker who I really like and therefore there is added pressure to do a good job. She has asked me for a quote and I need to get on that but I do not even know where to begin with that since I haven't done a "real" wedding before. I have only done quick beach weddings. I am doing my research to gather as much info as I can to get her a price soon. I don't want there to be any bad blood. Believe me though, this has not been a cause for the insomnia. It just rears it's ugly head since I am awake. 

So here I am! In an effort to get crap out of my head and maybe turn off my brain, I decided to blog. Because what else can I do really?? 

Good night, err morning! 

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