Sunday, March 23, 2014

Signs of Spring - TULIPS!!!!

I love tulips! I think they are so pretty and simple and just friendly. Sadly my grocery store doesn't always have them in stock, but now that spring is here that means tulips will be around. 

Of course part of the reason that I bought the tulips, was so that I could take pictures of them!! 

The pictures above were taken the night I bought them. I actually love how they are drooping over the sides of my white pitcher vase. The vase has been in the witness protection program since I bought it. I am SO glad to have it out and putting it to use. 

The picture below is from this morning after they were sitting in water over night. They perked right up! Granted tulips are pretty regardless, but I think they are so sweet and calming when they are droopy. 

I need to get out to the farmer's market on a Saturday morning and hunt for some fresh flowers.  On my list are peonies, sunflowers and more tulips. I have a few mason jars that I like using as vases too! Something so simple, pure and charming about mason jars. They are so versatile and clean! 

If I had my way I would have fresh flowers all over the house. 

Do you like fresh flowers?? What are your favorites??

Friday, March 21, 2014

Firefighter Rib Cookoff 2014

This past weekend was the 2014 Firefighter Benevolent fund Rib cook-off! We participated again this year and it was another successful event, even though we did not win! But you can't win them all now can you? 

This year Firefighter had more volunteers help out which was a huge relief for us! Last year it was Firefighter and 2 other volunteers, our friend's wife and myself. This year we were overflowing! Much better turn out! 

Each team is provided with a set amount of ribs that we need to prepare and bring with us to the event. I don't know how the other teams do it, but we prepared our ribs the night before. We seasoned and precooked them, lightly before the event on Saturday. Once we get to the event we have a smoker that we use to complete the cooking process and then serve up the ribs. 

(we got a little messy)

Firefighter likes to have themes for the booths. Last year was a beach theme, and this year was a play on the Price is Right. Our team was called The Spice is Right! It was a very clever idea! We had a wheel for people to spin, a very nice sign and Firefighter was sporting an obnoxious blue jacket and a microphone. It was hilarious! 

The weather was perfect for the event. A little breeze would have been nice though. I can't complain though...last year was FREEZING! 

We are very fortunate to be blessed with some great friends. One of our couple friends came up and hung out with us basically all day and ended up helping out a lot for the event. Last year, same thing! We are just very lucky!! 

It was quite a long day for both of us. I started at 5am and Firefighter had to work the night before. He came home about 730/800 got showered and changed and was out at the event site at 9:30 am getting set up. He crashed when we got home. Before leaving we were given a standard sized cooler FULL of steaming hot ribs. We drove to 4 different fire stations, my mom's house, the bowling alley, the hospital where Firefighter works, and a friends house to get rid of them all. It took us 2 hours! 

Totally exhausting but fun day! Can't wait for next year!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Well.... since I am up

It is 1:52 am and I currently am awake. At least I think I am awake. Unless there is there such a thing a sleep-blogging I am going to go with being awake. Do you think my mini-nap after work could have anything to do with it?? I think not...  

This is such a lovely hour to be awake! The house is quiet, mainly because Firefighter is working and there is jack crap on TV. Well that is normally the case. Tonight, or rather this morning (does it count as a new day if I haven't been to sleep yet), I am fortunate enough to have been entertained by Ice Age and now I am currently listening to Good Will Hunting. This good fortune is not always the case. Lately on my current insomnia tour of 2014 (coming soon to a city near you) I have been experiencing crap on tv. In my case this makes it harder for me to fall asleep. I am dependent on the tv to fall asleep. I have tried to break that habit but it doesn't seem to work. When I do turn off the tv I lay there and my brain won't turn off. It goes and goes and goes.... and about no one thing in particular. 

I am pretty confident that my insomnia is stemming from my new thyroid medicine, Armor. I was prepared for it, but blindly naive when the insomnia didn't set in right away. I had one good month of normal sleep while the meds built up in my system. Now, the meds are there and well, here we are.... awake at 2am. 

Of course while laying in bed trying to will myself to sleep I wonder too, what affect if any the food I have eaten that day is a contributing factor as well. Firefightrer and I have been on a healthy streak. He isn't following any "diet" per say, whereas I am trying to follow the Paleo way of eating. For the most part I am doing pretty good, but I have fallen off the wagon here and there. It happens....don't judge me! But tonight in particular, I am feeling a somewhat burning sensation in my tummy. I didn't have anything that bad today... except for maybe 2 doughnut holes this morning and 1 mini-muffin and I tried some buffalo sauce with my chicken at dinner, but not a lot. Just enough to add a hint of it. And now it appears that I am paying for it. 

So in my new involuntary hobby as an insomniac I am trying to make the best of it. I have downloaded some photography podcasts to listen to and educate myself. Sadly often times I tend to doze off during them. I have a wedding coming up in September that I am FREAKING out about for 2 reasons. Reason #1 - I have NEVER shot in a church before and reason #2 - the wedding is that of a coworker who I really like and therefore there is added pressure to do a good job. She has asked me for a quote and I need to get on that but I do not even know where to begin with that since I haven't done a "real" wedding before. I have only done quick beach weddings. I am doing my research to gather as much info as I can to get her a price soon. I don't want there to be any bad blood. Believe me though, this has not been a cause for the insomnia. It just rears it's ugly head since I am awake. 

So here I am! In an effort to get crap out of my head and maybe turn off my brain, I decided to blog. Because what else can I do really?? 

Good night, err morning!