Thursday, November 14, 2013

NaBloPoMo - Early Bird or Night Owl

NaBloPoMo Prompts

Hold the phone... I am blogging... AGAIN?!?! What is going on? I know it's a sign of the apocalypse or something right? Actually I just really like this prompt and I am super excited to talk about it. So hold your hats....

Prompt: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I know some of you may be thinking why is she excited about this? But it's something that I feel I can talk about with ease. 

When I was younger I was definitely a night owl. This came in quite handy when we would set out on our road trips north. I could always be counted on to keep the driver awake during the night hours. And back at home I would stay up all night if I had my way. But sadly at that time I did not have my way, as I was living with my parents. 

When I started working my job actually happened to fit my night owl tendencies quite perfectly. I worked at a movie theater. The hours there were all over the place and for a while I closed most of the time. That consisted of going in at 6pm at times and leaving at 2am, or sometimes later. After sometime this began to wear on me. I would be asleep during most people's waking hours and it would also make getting normal things done difficult. So after almost 6 years in the business I had made up my mind I wanted a "normal" job. 

I got my wish. In 2003 I started my first 8-5 job. It was quite a change to go from the evening hours to the daylight hours. It took some adjusting but I eventually got used to it, and I never looked back. 

Over the years working a "normal" job I feel like I have adjusted quite well. Although of late there are times when I feel my suppressed night owl just itching to get out and break free. She has been hiding for quite some time. Every so often she will break out and I will be up until almost midnight during the week. She has been especially present since Firefighter has started working at the ER overnight. (I am almost completely adjusted to this new schedule. This is another story for another day.)

For the most part during the week I am up about 6am, or at least that is when I start to wake up. I don't actually get out of bed until 6:45am. (Which by the way is ill advised. It is suggested that you set your alarm to the time that you will realistically wake up and get right out of bed.) But then when it comes to going to bed I tend to put that off as long as I can. No reason in particular it just happens. My brain has a mind of it's own (HA!) and never wants to shut off. It wants to keep going and going like it's the freaking Energizer bunny or something. But... it isn't and I sure as hell am not either. 

And as I have gotten older (lord that is a scary statement) I have found myself becoming more and more of an earlier riser. Even on the weekends I am usually up at 6 am no matter how late I am up the night before. The art of sleeping in is totally lost on me. Not sure how that happened, but I would like to rectify that immediately. I will say though that days that are particularly draining, especially mentally, make it easier to come home and want to crash right away. But those are few and far between.

So right now as I sit here, I would say that I am a hybrid...I could be considered an Early Owl or a Night Bird you decide. 

So which are you? Night Owl? Early Bird??

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaBloPoMo Catch up!

NaBloPoMo Prompts

So it would appear that I have missed a few days and that would mean that I am not off to a good start....bad blogger!!! I blame vacation and the time change. Curse you free time and extra hours curse you to heck!

That's my story and I am sticking to it!!

SOOOO in light of my setbacks, I want to try and play catch up.

Here I go!!!

Prompt: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

There are several different answers for this question. Sadly there are a handful of things that I would change about myself. One of the main things I would change I think is my motivation... or rather lack there of. I have the best intentions with things and I do not always put things into action.(Hence my blog writing skills) In my mind I have all these ideas and plans and then nothing happens. Not sure why that is, which is super discouraging. I am not sure what I need to do to change that.

Another thing that is frustrating is that I have bouts of motivation. They do not last long but they exist. I get a burst of energy/motivation and I go to the gym or eat good or write on my blog for a week or a few weeks straight and then something happens and BAM... it all stops. I want to be more consistent on here. I really truly do, and ALL day I have blog posts running through my head, but when I get home from work they all escape me. 

It is something I want to work on and every New Year for a resolution I vow to change, and then at the end of the year nothing has changed. And I am back to square one. 

Damn that square one.

So that is just one of the things that I would change about myself. I assure you there are more. Even though deep down I think I am practically perfect in every way! HAHA!! 

What is one thing you would change about yourself?

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Importance of {Great} Grandparents

I have recently watched my mother become a GREAT grandmother. This is a title not afforded to many grandparents. They are not fortunate enough to see their grandchildren procreate and relish in the joy a new baby always brings. 

In this society today I don't think people value the gift that is having a grandparent/great-grandparent. These are the people that hold the genetic and historic maps of who we are and who we will become. They have stories and wisdom that can't be found in books. They have family stories and traditions that people take for granted these days and that they will never truly appreciate until it's too late to ask. 

I was not fortunate enough to truly know and appreciate my grandparents. My grandfathers were both passed on before I had the chance to even really know who they were. They both passed when I was 2. My grandmothers, both surpassed their husbands, and never remarried by the way. My maternal grandmother lived in another state and therefore I wasn't able to really develop a close relationship with her. She passed away when I was 28. My paternal grandmother lived a few hours away from where we live. I did get to visit her but not with a consistency that would establish the relationship my nieces/nephews have with my mom. My paternal grandmother passed away when I was 14. 

The older that I get the more I want to know about my past, where I came from and exactly who my family is. And now with my father being gone, the importance of finding out about my family history seems more important and also less attainable. 

The memories I do have of my paternal grandmother consist of mostly her sitting and talking in Italian with her sister. Now, more than anything, I wish she would have taught me some of the language. I wish that I would have expressed an interest. But what did I know? 

My memories of my maternal grandmother are warm and inviting. I have vivid memories of sitting at her kitchen table watching tv with her and my mom having coffee and her cooking sauce. There was something about her kitchen that was always so cozy. It was such a gathering place. I remember her feistiness and her pride. I truly wish that I had the opportunity to know her better and that I could ask her questions now. I'd love to talk to her about her recipes and her family traditions. 

I love seeing the relationship that my mom has with her grandchildren and I am a little jealous! That is what it is all about. They are close to her and know they can talk to her and trust her and they know they can have fun with her too. It's a great experience to watch. I think it is pretty cool also that she has the opportunity to be apart of her great-granddaughter's life. It is truly a very rare gift. 

Do you have a relationship with your grandparents? Do you have great-grandparents?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

WAY outside the comfort zone!

There is a quote floating around the internet stating that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. If that is the case, then my life is truly beginning right now. I have left my comfort zone and have made a decision to do something that I myself even question at times.

I have decided to venture into the world of direct sales. I am not going to revel the company that I am working for at this time, but I will say that it is a jewelry company. I have been attending parties here and there over almost a year with the same consultant. She took the time to talk with me about the business at one point several months ago. At that time I wasn't ready. And right now I am not sure that I am ready either. Regardless I have made the decision that I am going to at least try.

Most of my fears stem from the fact that I am not a sales person. I would much rather just be the go between. The person that facilitates orders for people who want to buy the pretty things. I don't really relish the idea of getting up and talking in front of people that I don't know, let alone people that I DO know.

I am trying to be cautiously optimistic. Firefighter isn't too warm to the idea yet. While that may sound completely mean or unsupportive, it isn't. He is just surprised as this is something that I have never really excelled at or mentioned to him. I do not have a killer instinct. I will not go for the jugular and try and sell you anything. If you want it great if not, then that's ok too. He sees me being a photographer, not a jewelry sales person. And while my mom is more supportive vocally, I think there is a part of her that is still skeptical. And I am fine with that. I am fine with the skepticism. It just means I have to prove them wrong. and I seriously hope to.

Right now though, there is a part of me that fears I am not going to be successful. I know that is fear. I know that it's to be expected. I am trying hard to beat the negative thoughts out, but it isn't always so easy, because it is easier to believe the negative thoughts then it is to believe the positive ones.

I am going to give it a try. That is all that I can do. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work. But at least I would have tried.

What was the last thing that made you go outside of your comfort zone?? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

I want money...lots and lots of money!!

NaBloPoMo Prompts

Ok... let's see how this goes. It's been a while since I have blogged on a regular basis and perhaps this will help me to get over this massive hump of writer's block that I have had for months. Every day there will be prompts and a link up! So let's rip off the band aid....

Prompt # 1:
If you found one million dollars in the morning, and HAD to spend it by nightfall what would you do with the money?

Well the obvious first answer for most people would be to pay off debt, so that is a given. That would take care of my student loan, our vehicles and a Best Buy card and a few other small debts that we are carrying.  After that my first purchase would be a house. A bungalow/craftsman house on a decent sized lot with a white kitchen with stainless steel appliances. It would be over 2,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3 bath rooms, and a basement (despite the fact that I live in Florida). There would be a beautiful deck outback with one of those built in grills and a gazebo. I would want to be surrounded by as much nature as possible. And I would take myself on a little shopping spree to Pottery Barn!! 

I currently love our Santa Fe, but I know that Firefighter would want to upgrade to a Hyundai Equus and a truck. I, however, refuse to give up the Santa Fe. I can't argue with the idea of having a luxury car, but I don't see a need for it. But when you are talking in unrealistic "what if" scenarios anything is possible. 

Next I would pay off my mom's mortgage. I would also get her a brand new car of her choice. I would then buy her a plane ticket and send her up north to spend time with her sisters and brothers. Hell while we are at it, I would buy her a place up there. I would see if my family members needed anything too! 

Some of the smaller things I would by are a brand new full frame Canon 5D Mark III or 6D. And I would get some fancy lenses and a nice camera bag to store it all in. Then I would take that new camera on a trip to ITALY!!!!

All this is well and good since we are thinking of an unrealistic possibility. In reality if I were to get that much money given to me, I would take care of a few things and invest the rest. That is the practical thing to do and in this world right now, there is no way to know if Social Security is going to be around when I am old enough to need it.

So there you have it. That is how I would spend my million. How would you spend yours?