Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Why Disney?? WHY????

I can never fully understand why theme park admission prices have to increase every year. Especially the ones (*cough cough DISNEY cough cough*) that are internationally known and VERY well um, attended. I get that they are making changes and adding more to the parks to make it more enjoyable for patrons/customers, but it's getting harder and harder in this economy for people to truly enjoy the parks. I don't think that this is what Walt Disney would have wanted. I think he wanted families to be able to come and enjoy the parks and to do so frequently, and well that isn't always the case now. 

But even as I sit here and say that, I KNOW, as we all do, that even this price hike will not stop people from going to the parks. I do not understand how large families or foreigners do it. How can they afford it all?  I do not have children yet and I find it expensive to go to the parks. I can't even imagine what my grandchildren will have to pay to get in. When will it ever become enough? 

Don't get my wrong, I understand that they need to make money, however, it's not like it's some small rinky dink place that no one goes to. This is a HUGE company with multiple theme parks, a cruise line, resorts, the DVC, and many many other things, why in the hell must the admission price go up?!?!? 

There will be people out there saying that we should boycott Disney and other theme parks that have recently raised prices (Universal Studios),and that will teach the parks a lesson, but do you know how many people would have to do that??? (honestly I had that thought myself, ME a DISNEY FAN!!) There would have to be thousands upon thousands of people to boycott the parks, and while that is all well and good to SAY, people will not do it! Which is why they feel they can raise their prices, and get away with it. They know that people will still come no matter what. People will figure out a way to make it happen.

And really I am just venting my frustrations, because let's face it, nothing compares to driving under that sign and knowing you are on Disney property. NOTHING!!!! 

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  1. Hey sis, disney knows economics very well. They can change their prices because as you said people will still come. But a boycott needs to take place because the middle class suffers. But if disney thought for one moment their business or image would suffer they would not raise prices. #boycottthemouse