Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's Officially O F F I C I A L....

I am now a GREAT aunt! Ms. Kendall Shae made her appearance Tuesday, 6/4/13 at 4:34 am weighing 7 lbs and 18" long! 

(daddy, grandma and baby - 3 generations)

It is truly one of the most surreal things in the world that my NEPHEW is a father! But he is super excited about it, which is great! 

Mama decided to go to a birthing center instead of the hospital and had the baby the au'natural way. Bless her heart! No drugs!!  Oh and she went home the same day... a mere 2-3 hours after delivery! For you mama's out there that had the hospital births I am sure that sounds crazy. And since she delivered the baby in like a tub of water, the baby didn't need to be cleaned off. Oh and did I mention she was in labor, active like pushing, for 2 hours! From what I understand that is not a long period of time. 


This is my favorite picture of the night! I love the pure joy and love that is on my mother's face. I don't think its too common that people get the privilege of being GREAT grandparents. Sadly, my father isn't here to enjoy that privilege, but I can't help but think he would have loved this little girl SO much, and I know that my mother is going to love this baby to the moon and back! And maybe even more than that, if it is possible. 

(daddy, grandma, great grandma and baby - 4 generations)

(ME and my great niece!!!!)

Last one I promise.... 

Babies bring such joy!!!! I can't wait to watch her grow!!! 


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