Monday, June 3, 2013

Brain Dump re: House Hunting

Trying to find a house in our price range and meet the criteria we would like is proving difficult. Or rather, let me rephrase that... trying to find a house in the current city we live in now is proving difficult. I am finding plenty of houses that are 30-45 minutes away. And while there is some appeal to moving to a new, up and coming place, its so far away from my family, friends, my job and what I know. 

The houses in the city we live in are smaller and have less amenities than the houses 30-45 minutes away. You are getting so much more for your house for your money by moving away. When you do a side by side comparison it should be a no brainer, but then the heart weighs in and things get blurry and confusing. I start thinking, would my family and friends travel that far to come and visit? Would I visit on the weekends? Would it create distance between us and our friends? What about gas mileage? 

What things do you consider before moving a considerable distance away? I feel like these are things that are holding be back and then I start to over-analyze everything. I think to myself is it worth moving that far away if we have to travel back to our current city every day for work? It makes more practical sense to just find something in the area right? Of course! And then I think to myself what is the point of even having a house there if we are here all the time, why not live here? And it goes on and on... and ON!!!! 

I think Firefighter and I were seriously looking at a place about 45 minutes away and then my father passed away and well that changed everything. I could not bring myself to move that far from my family at that time. And now that it has been almost 3 years it is still too hard. UGH! And the fact that house prices are on the rise is making me want to get our little buts in motion and do this like.... NOW!!! 

But like with anything else I seem to want, there are strings. Getting a loan isn't as easy as it used to be. They want you to be employed with the same profession for more than 6 months. And of course now, Firefighter has only been at this gem of a new job since March 1. My job is going well and I have been there over a year now and I have a promotion in line. But is that enough? I have more research to do!! 

OH and then there is this USDA program that we probably COULD qualify for, but you have to find a house east of the interstate. And most of those houses are too expensive and out of our price range or they are 30 minutes away. I KNOW that I will never get it handed to me and that it is going to be hard work, but it would just LOVE for something to give, for something to make it a little easier. I am not even asking for money to buy the house, just something to make it more accessible instead of it feeling like it's never going to happen. 

I have much more to say about the idea of moving away but I will save that for another day. 

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