Sunday, May 26, 2013

Color Me RAD 5k

Yesterday I participated in my first color run! It was an absolute BLAST, and I can't wait to do another one!  In fact I already preregistered for one in October called Run or DYE!  

These lovely items were included in my swag pack for the race. As I type this I am wearing the shirt in the photo. It's like a medal of achievement. I am so proud of myself for doing this race and for doing it under the time I have done in the past. I wore the shades during the race, good thing too, and the remnants of the tattoo are still on my right arm. 

When we arrived at the Florida State Fairgrounds for the race it was madness. People in white were EVERYWHERE. And then there were those who were not so white... They were more colorful! People were sporting tutus and colorful socks and wigs. It was such a fun event and the energy there was just oozing into the air and made it contagious! I was pumped!!!! 

I didn't have a bandanna to bring with me and I had heard that it could be necessary when going through the color stations. Thank goodness they were selling some there. I purchased one for $5. It really went well with my sunglasses. Although with this look I felt like a criminal sticking up a convenience store. But it ended up being a life saver, because whatever was used in the color bombs did not taste good at all! BLECH! 

The weather was absolutely amazing yesterday too! Thank goodness. It would have been a total shame if it rained or anything. Although I wouldn't have minded a little less sun and a little more breeze and clouds! I hate running in Florida. It seems like the only time of day that I would enjoy it is after dinner time and after dark. While we were running yesterday, the humidity made my fingers feel like sausages and dried out my skin too. Even now I am still a little bloated. 

At the end of the race we were not met with a stop watch, which I liked, but rather a big party with an absolutely awesome DJ. The DJ stand had a crows around it and they were tossing out color packets left and right. My mini-me, pictured above, and I went into the crowd along with her cousin and grabbed handfuls of color when the DJ made his rounds and then on his mark the crowd let the color explode from their hands. It was insanely crazy and I loved every second of it. And when we emerged we looked like this.... 

I can't wait until the next color race. I am glad that it will be taking place in October. I vow here and now to not partake in any more 5ks in the summer time in Florida, unless they are at night time. 


I couldn't have asked for a better day or time yesterday. And even as I sit here and type this I am feeling excited for having had the opportunity to do this run and have this experience. Maybe next time more friends and family will join us! 

P.S. A few of the things they don't mention is that your spit will change colors (mine was blue), so will your um, boogers, (sorry) and that your body will become a little stained. But it's all worth it in my opinion!!! 

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