Friday, April 12, 2013

No one is too old to read a Disney book

I purchased the first of the new chapter book series from Disney called "The Never Girls". It tells the tale of four young girls you are accidentally transported to Pixie Hollow. I just got book one over the weekend and I am currently getting ready to start Chapter 3. My co worker and her daughter read the book on a road trip recently and I am happy to report that BOTH mom and daughter are excited to read the second one. YAY!!

I also took the plunge and decided to buy the first of the Kingdom Keepers series. I haven't started it yet, since I want to finish the above book first, but I am looking forward to this series as well. The first book tells the tale of young adults that get stuck in Walt Disney World after dark and they are being followed by Disney villains. There are currently 6 books in this series that have been published. 


I am excited to read both of these series. This is definitely something that combines two things I enjoy ...reading and Walt Disney World. Once I have completed the books I will report back here with a review. Excited aren't you? I bet!!! 

Disney books.... they aren't just for kids, are they?

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