Friday, March 29, 2013

The Artist's Way

I have been struggling with my blogging as of late and at the suggestion of a friend I purchase The Artist's Way to help me to hopefully get back to blogging, or rather, start blogging, and writing, more religiously. I started it last week and to be honest I haven't kept up with it like I should. The main activity asked by the author is to participate in Morning Pages. 

Morning Pages are to be done first thing in the morning. I mean like you roll over grab your pen and paper and start writing. And frankly sometimes I can't even function or think until I am out of bed. They are three pages of free thinking, no formatted writing. I can definitely say that I haven't had a problem with that. My entries have been all over the place from relationship stuff to work stuff to home stuff. That is the beauty of it, there is no right or wrong way to do the Morning Pages. And the author suggests not writing the Morning pages on a computer. I would have to agree with that as well. There is something about actually writing it out with a pen onto paper that feels more cathartic and more effective then "writing" it on a blog somewhere. 

Although I fear that I haven't been doing it right. The author asks you to identify your creative enemies and frankly I don't have any that I can think of. I don't think that I have encountered anyone in my life that has halted me. If anything I have been surrounded by supportive and constructive people. I am my worst enemy and therefore I fear that I am on the only person standing in my way. 

I hope to get back on track next week. Hopefully this will help open the flood gates and help me be more creative. Fingers crossed!!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Corner of the World

Things have been shaken up around here. I am getting a promotion of sorts and Firefighter got a new job! 

I am going to be a surgery/ancillary scheduler. (And I haven't even been there one year) Doesn't that sound thrilling? Actually, to me it sounds intimidating a little. I mean, surgery is a big deal and I am going to be scheduling and coordinating with doctors and hospitals and all that jazz! First I am going to start off scheduling injections and nerve conduction tests and eventually I am going to have my own doctors to schedule surgeries for. And you want to know what the most exciting part is?? THE RAISE! I am apparently going to be getting a decent raise. More than my supervisor expected! WOW!!!! And on top of that, today at the staff meeting it was announced that I was the employee of the month for March. That got me $100, a snazzy parking space and an entry for a drawing for a cruise for two at the end of the year. EXCITING!!! I can't wait for the new position to kick in. They are trying to replace me at the check in desk, and let's face it that is going to be a challenge (haha), and once that happens I will be able to make the transition. A few other good tidbits I want to share... I am going to be getting a part time where I can work from home (yay) and I am going to be photographing a wedding in June. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am grateful that I had the experience from the previous wedding which has given me a bit more confidence. I need to get out there and practice more with my camera. I am debating about whether or not I want to borrow a full frame camera from my wonderfully, awesome friend who is a sports photographer. (wink wink)

So firefighter got a new job! Recently he was put in a position where he felt like he needed to leave the transport company he was working for. Thankfully something else was available for him to walk right into basically. He isn't getting the same number of hours but the pay rate is the same. He is working at a facility with patients that have sustained some sort of brain trauma and they are either rehabbing or they need constant care and coverage. I really wish that things didn't have to change for him. He liked his shift and his partner, and now this new position that he has is so boring and I was afraid of that. Needless to say the job hunt is in full swing for him.This has been a rude awakening. When he was in school he was told jobs would be easy to find and that is so not the case. He has had nothing  but trouble finding somewhere to find gainful and respectful employment. Not that he wasn't working somewhere respectable but it wasn't what he wanted and he wasn't getting paid what he should have been. He is trained to save people's lives and he makes less than I do. What is the matter with that??? UGH! I could go on about how unfair it is but 

So that is what's going on in our little corner of the world. What's new with you???