Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's not the camera... it's me

I have a problem. 

I have this almost crippling expectation that my camera will take awesome pictures and all I will have to do is point and click. 

That is not the case, right fellow photogs???

You have to know lighting, exposure, ISO, aperture, shutter speed and the list goes on. And for the most part I have a basic understanding on aperture and ISO. Lighting, composition and exposure elude me. One of the reasons that I love my 35 mm lens is because it can be used in low light places and 

Going through the pictures from the wedding proved to be rather disappointing. Most of my indoor pictures turned out awful. There was a lot of noise and some sort of reddish coloring in the pictures that I couldn't figure out. And even though I have lightroom, I am not fully educated on how to use it 100%. I am ordering this book for myself so I can have some sort of reference guide. 

The camera that the other photographer used was more advanced than mine and it showed. Not to mention that her vantage point was better than mine. I was up front closer to the actual ceremony and she was at the back. The sun was directly behind the couple and that made for some interesting shots. Now don't get me wrong some of my pictures I really liked, but I liked hers better. And while I continue to blame my camera, I need to realize that the camera isn't the one that took the pictures. The camera was merely the tool that I used. I am the one the pressed the shutter release button.

I expect it to be easy, because others make it look easy. I fail to realize that these people have more experience because they have been doing it longer and they have practiced. Or because they have training. And I don't. I expect it to come naturally and it doesn't, at least not for me.

I know I am being overly critical of myself and I need to stop that. But I set the expectations for myself too high. I expect the pictures to be just totally awesome and editing would be a cinch and that was not the case. Oy! The only way I am going to get over this is to practice more. I just need to make it a priority! 

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  1. I know nothing about any of that technical stuff. You know way more then the average joe and when you put your mind to learning more about the camera you will get better. I can barely even take a shot on manual! I might have to look into photography classes or a book as well.