Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baseball is back!!!!

Well.... almost! 

Last weekend to kick it off we attended the Tampa Bay Rays fan fest at Tropicana stadium. I was very excited about attending for the first time. Although I think I was expecting it to be something different than it was I am still glad that we attended. It was super cool to have an opportunity to walk on the field and just walk all over, like we owned the place.

This what the "grass" looks like up close and personal. I think it was last year that they went to astroturf. My brother in law was able to get dirt up from underneath the turf! HA!!!! 

There were lots of things to do there for the younger kids. There was a video game station, a pitching station and a hitting station as well. Some lucky people got to play MLB against David Price. Of course we left before I got to see that happen. DAMMIT!!!

One of the coolest things for me was the clubhouse tour. It was so neat to see where they get ready for games.

All the players and managers have their own chairs and mailboxes too! Maddon's mailbox was overflowing a bit!! Hee hee!!! 

And of course the highlight of my day was seeing this guy..... 

MATT JOYCE!!!! OMG... such a cutie and a good ball player too. Don't worry I don't just appreciate his good looks. 

I am looking forward to going to a handful of spring training games. I remember last year at this time I was able to go and watch a full squad practice. That was AWESOME and I wish I could have done it again this year, but ironically enough it was the same day as fan fest. Didn't understand that at all. 

Who else is glad that baseball is back? Did anyone else attend a fan fest for their respective teams?? Please share!!!! 

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