Sunday, January 27, 2013

With GREAT Power Comes GREAT Responsibility!!!!

I am going to be a GREAT Aunt! (Goodness seeing it in writing is so surreal) My 21 year old nephew and his girlfriend are going to have a baby in June. They made the announcement at Thanksgiving and last night we had a "Gender Party" at my mom's house to reveal the sex of the baby. Mom-to-be made a cake which revealed the cake. They gave my mom (Great grandma) the privilege of cutting the cake for the big reveal!! 

And to everyone's surprise, the inside was PINK!!!! Mom and Dad to be were expecting it to be a boy. Before last night whenever she would refer to the baby she always said he. And I was going along with her because of mother's intuition, I figured that was a pretty strong feeling! 

I am super excited and started looking at baby girl clothes last night online and even some Yankee outfits. (the nephew is a Yankee fan....ugh!)  They have some cute girl names picked out... Kylie, Charlize, Leigh for a middle name. Woo hoo!!! 

Hurry up June 3rd!!

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