Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolution Ready.......or Not {Part 1}

Am I prepared to dive right in to my resolutions?

No, I am not. 

And sadly this happens every year. I do not plan or prepare like I should. And so far this year has been no different. 

For my resolutions this year, some of them include things that I don't really have to do much to prepare, like writing more or taking more pictures (I own pens and paper and a camera). As far as the taking care of myself thing though, I need to make changes, make purchases and I have yet to do it.

1. Take better care of myself
To do this, I need to get good, healthy foods in the house. I haven't exactly gone through the house and made a grocery list. I have heard wonderful things about vegan diets, but I am seriously terrified of making that leap. It's a HUGE commitment, and I don't have the conviction that I think I would need to in order to fully succeed at that way of eating. I would like to think that I can make some changes slowly and ween myself off of dairy/animal proteins. I also have a gym membership that I am not really using as much as I was in the past. Firefighter has been hounding me about getting a bike and I think it's something that we could do together and get in shape together. So I need to buy as bike. Looking at bikes for people that are 5'0" is a nightmare by the way. I think I may have to consider looking at a bike for a young person. Also, there are still holiday goodies left over. How am I supposed to just look the other way? They are only made ONCE a year after all. 

2. Be more conscientious of my money and spending 
Well, what would I really need to prepare for this? I need to create a budget and really try and stick with it. I may have to consult a friend of mine to help me set up a budget. I have the hardest time following a budget. I would LOVE to be one of those people who coupons and uses them. I coupon and end up forgetting they exist and throwing them away. I have made some overestimated purchases last year and I have made it one of my goals to be smarter with my money and to really make sure that I am making a wise purchase. I also need to contact Comcast and talk with them about my current plan. It's insane at almost $200. And my cell phone bill seems excessive, but there are 3 phones on there, soooo... yea. Regardless, I need to do something to get a handle on my finances. I know I am a shopper, so I just need to pay more attention to where I am spending the most money. 

3. Embrace my creativity
I am going to lump together a few into this category. It's all consuming. I want to write more and take more photographs. I want this blog to get more attention and create a following, but I know that I need to be more active on here and I am certainly hoping to try. This is a resolution that I do not really need to do any preparing for. I have plenty of pens in my house and I have notebooks left over from school so there is no shortage of writing materials around me. I also have a camera fully at my disposal to venture out and take pictures of anything I want. But I do not do it nearly enough. I am not sure what is holding me back either. I read somewhere that a photographer said that one way they got more involved with their photography was by doing a 365 project. I am currently doing something like that on Instagram with IdeaRoom's prompts. My heart is so happy when I have a pen in my hand and paper to write on.  I have a voice, but I am not sure about how to translate it from my head to paper. What is sad is that most of my thoughts come to me when I have nothing to write on. Sucks!! 

4. Be a better Rays fan
I am a Rays fan, despite the fact that we only went to ONE game last season. This hear I have plans to attend Fan Fest, which is next month sometime and I want to go to some Spring training practices. I also plan to attend at least 3 Spring Training games. And thanks to my brother, who has given me a book for baseball fan newbies, I should be a little more versed in the game. 

Stay tuned for part 2 coming at'cha tomorrow!!! I know you are all on the edge of your seats. 

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  1. I'm definitely working on the more writing part too! Budget and weight seem to be the sticking point for everyone. Good luck staying on track.