Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Happy Place!!

Three words... WALT DISNEY WORLD. Just thinking these three words causes me to instantly relax and my blood pressure to level out.  For all intents and purposes Walt Disney World is my happy place.  All I have to do when I am having a freak out moment is think about walking onto Main Street USA and catching that first glimpse of Cinderella's castle and my mind calms and my insides subside. It brings me to a peaceful and serene place. 

When I am there I feel like a child again and I forget all the problems of the outside world. At that time, at the precise moment all that matters is that I am there, "the happiest place on earth", and that I am in fact happy. I feel relieved of the everyday, mundane, adult thoughts that nag at me when I am going about my normal day. We have the seasonal annual passes with the park hopper option and that makes me feel like we own the place. We can go to any of the 4 main parks whenever we want... It's awesome! 

 Magic Kingdom


One of my favorite things is when we are riding up on the boat from the ticket center and watching the castle come more and more into focus as it gets closer and closer. Walking through the archways under the train station welcomes me. Finding my way onto Main Street USA, looking around and being reminded of the familiar scenes, yet feeling like I am seeing it for the first time helps to ease my mind and spirit.  I truly feel at peace when I am there and like nowhere else exists. 

It is my sanctuary. And to think that it all started with a mouse. 

Do you have a happy place? A place in your mind that you go to when you are stressed or overwhelmed? 

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  1. Ahhh I love this! It's my happy place too! Good to meet fellow disney-lovers!