Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Fun at Disney's Boardwalk

Sunday was a great day. My brother from Pittsburgh has been at Disney World since Wednesday and Sunday we drove up to hang with him and his boy. It was such a nice time. 

We met at the Boardwalk Resort and ate at the ESPN Zone. We got there at a great time too. There was no line when we arrived, but when we left, it was building up! It's crazy that all the times I have been to Disney and to the Boardwalk that Firefighter and I have NEVER eaten there. Well, that won't happen again. Next time we go, we will definitely grab a bite there. 

So we strolled along the boardwalk for a bit, stopped in the little store there and at the Boardwalk Bakery as well, where my bro and the boy split one of the largest and heaviest eclairs I have ever seen. 

(My mom, brother and the boy)

Before departing the Boardwalk we were able to get some family shots. The black and white is my favorite. 

Here we are doing our best Rockette impression! 

Here is a pic of a portion of my family. We were missing some other very important people. 

Before heading out we ventured over to the brother's hotel to take a gander. Inside they had a Christmas carousel made out of chocolate. He was staying at the Beach Club Resort, which BTW is very pretty!!!! 

Just being on Disney property for me was like a tonic or something. I just feel so relaxed and at ease there. It truly is my happy place. 

After the Boardwalk we went to Downtown Disney to buy something at World of Disney. And of course we had to hit up Ghiradelli for some dessert goodness. I had a basic hot chocolate and mom has a warm caramel sundae. It was YUMMY!!!! It was all decorated for Christmas there and that made it even harder to leave. I did manage to persuade the group to allow me to get a picture of one of the trees on display there. It was quite unique. 

Overall...  A GREAT DAY!!!! I was very sad that it had to end!!! 

Until the next time.... 

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  1. What a fun family outing. Very festive around Christmas.