Friday, September 28, 2012

Nikon or Canon? Decisions decisions!

I am conflicted. 

I currently own a Nikon D40 and while there is nothing really wrong with the camera, I feel that it is time for an upgrade. So I am looking at my options. And while I am not a professional or anything, merely a hobbyist, but I do feel that it is time for an upgrade. I mean the D40 only has 6 megapixels... um yea that's low! 

First I considered the Nikon D3200:

The main thing that attracted me to this camera was a) it's new and b) it has 24 megapixels. But when I went to Best Buy the camera sales man told me that the processor was not as good as the D5100. 

I liked this camera because of the flip screen and the editing options that are available in the camera and the increased megapixels from my D40, it has 16 I believe. But honestly I almost never use the in-camera edits with my D40. So that is not really a deal breaker. But there is something about the Canon cameras that I am attracted to. I have always found their photos to be brighter. When I would mess around with the camera in the stores, the photos looked so much brighter in the display screen. They look sharper and well just better.

Canon has recently released the T4i with 18 megapixels. One day while perusing the camera section at Best Buy, the sales man was educating me about the differences between the cameras. He told me that the processor was better on the Canon. So I have done research and more research and I am not sure that I am convinced that one camera is better than the other. 

The T4i has a flip out screen, which I do like and has some nice in-camera edits, like the Nikons. This camera also allows you to snap photos from the LCD and it's a touch screen too. While it's my preference to shoot with the camera up to my eye, I am sure that using the LCD to shoot could come in handy at times. One thing that does bother me is in one of the reviews I read on is that the battery on the Canon only allows for 440 pictures. I am not sure how I feel about that. I mean I could always get another battery to carry with me, but I am not sure I want to have to do that. Plus the camera settings may play a huge factor in that, I am not 100% certain. 

Part of the cause of my confusion is that I have a lens for the Nikon that I love, it's a 35mm 1.8 lens. it's just great. And from what I see Canon doesn't seem to have anything like that, that is reasonably priced. Their lenses are a bit steep in price. They do offer a 50mm 1.8 for about $100 which is reasonable. But I just love the 35mm lens. I don't know if a lens is enough reason to stick with a certain camera brand though. I also read somewhere that Nikon is better for low light pictures, but I wonder if that even matters with all of the photo editing programs that are out there now. 

Let's face it either of these cameras is an upgrade from what I currently have, I just feel like I can't trust my own instincts. I am nervous about spending the money. I can put this on my Best Buy card and pay over time, but it's an investment none the less. And the more reviews that I read, the more confused I get. ACK!! So what to do??? Decisions decisions!! 

Which camera brand do you have? Why did you chose that one? What is important to you when buying a camera?? Do I stay with Nikon or switch to Canon? 

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