Sunday, September 16, 2012

Excuse me, I'm with the Fire Department

Yes, I get to say those 5 cool words now. Well, sort of. It's a work in progress. 

Firefighter has been promoted to a Lieutenant with the Volunteers (yippy!!!!) and one of his first acts of business was to get me involved. He knows that I like to take pictures and his Captain wants more exposure for the volunteers.... see where I am going with this?!?!? Hopefully down the line I could be given permission to attend a fire (that's a weird statement to make) and take photos, especially if the volunteers are involved.

The volunteers have their own engine, #39. So where ever they go, I will go.

Yesterday was my first day at my new position (hee hee), and it was a long, busy one. We attended a triathlon and an open house for an updated fire house. 

The open house had some of the trucks you see here open and on display for the public to look at all of their equipment. 

The triathlon was one of the most unusual I had ever seen. The people were dressed up in costumes and there were less then fit people there. The triathlon was referred to as the triathlon for slackers, so basically anyone and I do mean ANYONE could participate. It was a typical swim, run and bike event. 

I so crashed when I got home yesterday. It was EXHAUSTING!!!! And the icing on the cake?? I somehow managed to delete some of my favorite pictures from the early morning when the guys were checking their engine. It was still dark out and they had all the lights on the engine going and everything was pulled out... I loved it. And I don't know what happened when I got home. I was soooooooo mad!!!! ARGH! Hopefully I will have another opportunity to get more of those. 

We have another double event day coming up on September 29th and I have to split my time. Should be interesting. 

I am excited to see where this will lead. Hopefully only good things. 

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