Monday, August 20, 2012

Bad book owner

My last class for my AA in Liberal Arts starts tomorrow. It's the required speech class... I am dreading it. I am not so good at the standing up and talking in front of a group of people thing. But it needs to be done, so here I go!

I have had 3 weeks off since my math class ended and I was hoping to have done some more reading in that time, but nope! I bought "The Night Circus" the other day and while I am excited to read it, I havent gotten as far as I would like. Just like with most books in my house, I have read the first chapter and I set it down... And well, it remains unread. I have a book case in my house loaded with unread books, a curse of working in a bookstore, and I am beginning to feel like they are mocking me.  It's like they are looking at me sadly, asking to be read.

I will be done with school in December hopefully then I will be able to get to a few of those books.

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