Thursday, July 19, 2012

Scrubs: A Love/Not Love Relationship

One of the things I was most excited about when I got the job at the doctor's office was that I would get to wear scrubs every day... and sneakers too! But that lasted until I went shopping... 


I thought I would be happy not having to think about what I would wear, but the truth is, I liked getting dressed up and looking pretty. Granted I can still wear fancy necklaces and do my hair and makeup and stuff, but it isn't the same. And in an effort to make me feel good, I bought fun socks to wear to work, they are bright colors with stripes and polka dots! Hee hee!!!! It's the little things!

Mom and I went to Ann Taylor Loft outlet and I could have had a FIELD DAY!!! I have no real reason for buying anything there really, but I got 2 dresses and a cute top! I could not resist. It was hard to tear myself away from the store.

So now, whenever we go out, I tend to dress up a little. I don't care. I like to wear dresses once in a while dammit! Funny to say that considering the first month of my new job all I wore was dresses and I hated it. I was SO over it by the time I got my scrubs. And right now I only have 5 scrub pieces that were provided to me by the employer, so I have to do laundry a lot. I need to buy more, but I really have no desire.

Even though I miss shopping for clothes, I really do like the idea of knowing what I am wearing everyday. 

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