Friday, July 20, 2012

Guess Who Got a New Ride... Kind Of

WE GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A BRAND new 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe limited!! Not what we were in the market for exactly, but we got it for such a GREAT deal, that we couldn't pass it up! It has leather seats, a sun roof, seat warmers, dual control AC and other fancy stuff. I am IN LOVE with this car! I love sitting up high when I drive and I love all the room that we have and how it rides. It's nice to not feel every speed bump... So great! I am still in that phase of not wanting ANYONE to park next to me. I get panic stricken and worry that they are too close or that I could hit them... And that would not be good.

Had to say goodbye to my faithful Elantra... She was a good car, but it was her time. She needed to be traded in! 

But.... sadly, Firefighter and I are going to have to share the Santa Fe. One of the reasons we got the Santa Fe was for the room. Firefighter needs a LOT of room for all of his gear that he needs to carry around. BUT I told him that when he isn't working or volunteering than I get to drive it. And I will fight him to the death if he decides to be an ass about it. 

I am looking forward to enjoying a new car, for the first time in 9 years! Even if it means another car payment. 


  1. And fight you should. Good luck with your new ride..speaking of, can ohers drive it as well?

  2. New cars are super exciting! Enjoy...and do fight for it if you must!

  3. A new car sounds so good! We have been contemplating it but I think we finally decided to rebuild the bus engine and keep her running for like EVER. That's the nice thing about old cars! Enjoy your new baby!

  4. Great ride! I like the color, and it really looks like a dependable vehicle. Have you thought of a name to call it? By the way, make it a habit to wax the car. I know it’s arduous work, but it will help you keep your car looking new. Car wax preserves paint by slowing oxidation, and forms a shield against those annoying bird droppings. And of course, driving a shiny car is just that fun! ;)

    Tyra Shortino

  5. Sweet ride! Elegant color too. :) Always be reminded to change the oil filters at least every other oil change. Actually, with every oil change is better, since the old filter may contain nearly a quart of dirty oil that will remain with the new clean oil if you do not change the filter.

    Kerstin Shed