Sunday, July 29, 2012

Empty Nesters

Firefighter and I have the house to ourselves again.

It's been about a year since that was the case and I have missed it. In more ways than one. I have missed the privacy and the space. 

We have a small house, MAYBE 1000 square feet and for 3 adults to be sharing that space and only 1 bathroom... yes ONE bathroom, it felt a bit tight. 

And then Roommate got a girlfriend... and well that was interesting. When she was over the house felt even smaller. 

Almost two weeks ago Roommate left to move in with his girlfriend. It's been awfully quiet around here without him here. Roommate was quite the comedian and a good sounding board at times. Truth be told I do miss him. 

Now that Roommate has left us we can actually make the house more functional. 

See, the room that was occupied by Roommate was our "office" and since he has been living with us the "office" has been in, what I call the dining room for the last year. I have waited for this day to come and now that it is here I am excited to get started. The plan is to go through the house and get rid of things and get things organized and then paint the "office" and transform it into our Rays room. Once that is all situated we can have our house back. 

The same week Roommate left, is the same week we put Zazu to sleep. 

The house has also felt empty because of that as well. I see her everywhere and expect her to come prancing over to lay with me on the couch or to join me in the kitchen. But she doesn't, because she isn't here. We have her buried in the back yard and I can see her when I do the dishes and that eases me at times. 

Roommate is officially the last roommate that we are going to have. I do not want to disrupt my house anymore. I am looking forward to making the house a home for the first time since we lived here. It's about time. 

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