Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Hello! Hi! Aloha! I am still here... I hope you didn't forget about me, too much! I haven't forgotten about you! I think about you often, but I have just been in a bit of a slump. I can't find words and I think that maybe starting small with an update of where I have been over the last few months may help get the juices flowing. So... Here we go.....

Job front: I really LOVE my job. I like what I do and interacting with the patients. I have a very nice co-worker, who does things that just get under my skin, but that is my inner control freak coming out (that is another topic for another day). I love that I laugh everyday and that I don't feel totally inadequate with what I am doing. Sure there are things that I have questions about, but their answers are so much easier than answering a legal question. I like being surrounded by positivity and knowing that I am apart of a place where people are getting helped and healed. It warms my heart knowing that I am helping someone. Of course the flip side is that there are moments throughout the day when I am reminded of my dad. I work for an orthopedics office and with all the trouble dad had with his knees before he passed, the irony is not lost on me. I see patients that remind me of him at times, I see patients that have had to have amputations, and I see patients who are worse off than he was. 

School: I started my last semester at SCF May 14th. I am taking math (UGH) and speech (BIGGER UGH). The speech class is online thank goodness and it starts next week I believe. The math class is annoying. I am so disappointed that I neglected to get this taken care of sooner. But I digress... by the end of August, I will have my AA. GO ME!!! I am proud of myself, which is a weird feeling. I haven't been proud of myself in a while. Even though I will be "graduated" in August, the ceremony isn't until December...the day AFTER my birthday! YAY! So I have decided to have a party for me! 33 and graduating with my AA..WOOT! I have also been contemplating taking some classes for medical office training. Not sure where that will take me though. 

Health: Sadly this category is lacking. I need to get back to the gym... haven't really been since the job started.  I am just SOOOO tired all the time and I know part of that is because I have not been to the gym...No real excuses, just pure laziness. I need to refocus and start paying more attention to the food that I eat. I need to be really strict about the gluten free thing. It seems to work and I feel better when I do that... it's just so much harder than everyone makes it out to be. People seem to think that you can just change over night and it's all rainbows and butterflies... but it isn't. It's work... a lot of work. I need a motivator to get off my ass and get me healthy. Firefighter wants me to get a bike... I have been considering it, but I won't tell him that, it would give him too much satisfaction.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!


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  1. Does firefighter have a bike so you both can ride? don't get too stressed out if you are not getting to the gym. Start walking and eating right daily and that should help.