Monday, June 25, 2012

From a House to a Home

Soooo roommate is moving out in July. (It can't get here soon enough). I already have plans for the house and mainly the room that is about to be vacated. 

We are going to paint the room with Tampa Bay Rays colors. We are going to divide the wall in half and paint the top part the lighter blue and the bottom half the darker blue with a small trim going through the middle. I am super excited about it. 

We are going to make this room the office. The desk and bookcase have been in the dining room in the corner, along with some other stuff that doesn't have a home. That is all going to be put in the office and gone through and trashed. I already purchased a picture for the room. It's Tropicana field. SO EXCITED!! 

Then the next step will be to get the dining room in order. I would love to get a new table. The one we have is perfectly fine, but it's a hand me down. I am done with hand me downs. I found a table that I like at Big Lots for $500. I don't think that is a bad price. I happen to have a Big Lots credit card so I could make payments and have it paid off in 6 months. This is the table, minus ALL those chairs...we would only need 4 or maybe 6. 
And after that at some point I would love to paint the kitchen! It's a yellow color and blue too. Not my ideal color combination. I would love to paint it a lighter, brighter shade of yellow. I like this color which is referred to as cream yellow: 

And I like this kitchen and the color combinations of the dark with the light..

I would love to do a sunflower theme in the kitchen! It would make my heart happy!! 

At some point I would like to get new bedroom furniture. But i have a super small room, and I would like a king sized bed. I like bedroom furniture below, but Firefighter is 6' and his feet would hit the foot board, so I would need to eliminate that somehow. 

And I like this one too....

And I keep going back and forth about the color of the furniture. Do I want dark wood or white wood?? Decisions decisions. Do I get new bedding? Ugh...decisions decisions!!! I also want to get new sheets and towels and I would LOVE to redo the bathroom. It's pink and blue. PINK and BLUE! And the walls are tiled!!! Pink and blue tiles to be exact! Not real plans for that part of the house yet. I would like to paint the walls white I think, but not a stark white, more like a cream based white. We shall see.... 

I am planning all of this without disclosing to my landlord. Thank goodness it's Firefighter's parents otherwise my dreams would be crushed. 

I can't wait for this to all start happening.  I am thrilled. It's about time we made this house more homey. We may be here for a bit. 

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  1. The cushioned kitchen table set is very nice. Wish we had cushions on our chairs.