Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I L.O.V.E. Thunderstorms! (please don't judge me)

I love thunderstorms! Yes you read that correctly, I LOVE thunderstorms.

So much so that when it's gloomy and rainy and dreary out, I seem to come to life more. I love the sound of thunder and the flash of lightening. It does scare me, yes, but it also fascinates me. Mother nature is just so wondrous and mystical to me. It seems, that for me, the rain and gloom that comes with tropical storm systems makes me, come alive almost. These are the days when I miss having a porch to sit on and just drink in the smell of the rain and see the earth renewed. I wish I was able to open all the windows in my house and just listen to the wind whip through the trees. Nothing is more soothing or peaceful to me. I could listen to that sound all day... 

Granted there are stormy days when I become one with the couch and totally and completely veg, but there are some days when this depressing weather motivates me. Like most people I too agree that stormy weather is PERFECT for cuddling, movie watching or book reading and coffee drinking. It's like mother nature's way of saying "slow down you need a break". 


What does it mean? Who knows... not me that's for sure. All I know is that there has always been a part of me that wanted to be a tornado chaser... I don't think I would have the "backbone" to do it though. I mean I saw "Twister" and that was some crazy stuff. So while most people are wishing that tropical storm Debby would hurry up and leave, I am delighting in the weather.


HOWEVER, I must state that while I do find comfort in this weather, I am well aware of it's horrific impact. I do not relish in the idea of people losing their homes or lives as a result of the torrential rains and winds. If there was a way for their to be thunderstorms and no damages to homes or loss of life, that would be the best case scenario.

After the rain its like we are seeing the earth come back to life. The land has been rejuvenated and refreshed and the slate has been wiped clean, at least temporarily.

Monday, June 25, 2012

From a House to a Home

Soooo roommate is moving out in July. (It can't get here soon enough). I already have plans for the house and mainly the room that is about to be vacated. 

We are going to paint the room with Tampa Bay Rays colors. We are going to divide the wall in half and paint the top part the lighter blue and the bottom half the darker blue with a small trim going through the middle. I am super excited about it. 

We are going to make this room the office. The desk and bookcase have been in the dining room in the corner, along with some other stuff that doesn't have a home. That is all going to be put in the office and gone through and trashed. I already purchased a picture for the room. It's Tropicana field. SO EXCITED!! 

Then the next step will be to get the dining room in order. I would love to get a new table. The one we have is perfectly fine, but it's a hand me down. I am done with hand me downs. I found a table that I like at Big Lots for $500. I don't think that is a bad price. I happen to have a Big Lots credit card so I could make payments and have it paid off in 6 months. This is the table, minus ALL those chairs...we would only need 4 or maybe 6. 
And after that at some point I would love to paint the kitchen! It's a yellow color and blue too. Not my ideal color combination. I would love to paint it a lighter, brighter shade of yellow. I like this color which is referred to as cream yellow: 

And I like this kitchen and the color combinations of the dark with the light..

I would love to do a sunflower theme in the kitchen! It would make my heart happy!! 

At some point I would like to get new bedroom furniture. But i have a super small room, and I would like a king sized bed. I like bedroom furniture below, but Firefighter is 6' and his feet would hit the foot board, so I would need to eliminate that somehow. 

And I like this one too....

And I keep going back and forth about the color of the furniture. Do I want dark wood or white wood?? Decisions decisions. Do I get new bedding? Ugh...decisions decisions!!! I also want to get new sheets and towels and I would LOVE to redo the bathroom. It's pink and blue. PINK and BLUE! And the walls are tiled!!! Pink and blue tiles to be exact! Not real plans for that part of the house yet. I would like to paint the walls white I think, but not a stark white, more like a cream based white. We shall see.... 

I am planning all of this without disclosing to my landlord. Thank goodness it's Firefighter's parents otherwise my dreams would be crushed. 

I can't wait for this to all start happening.  I am thrilled. It's about time we made this house more homey. We may be here for a bit. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

50 Shades of Red...

*Disclaimer: Brothers please do not judge your sister for reading this book*

OMG! I have NEVER read anything like this book before in my life. I have only read book 1. Books 2 and 3 are on the way (Thank you Amazon.com). The book was a quick read....for obvious reasons. I am anxious to read the other 2. Despite all of the "exploits" that take place in the book the relationship between the main characters is fascinating. The main character, Christian Grey, is a real interesting person. He has a lot of skeletons in his closet that have yet to be revealed.

While I was reading the book, I imagined what a movie would look like. I don't know that they could get any main stream celebrities to be portray the characters, but that doesn't mean that the women out there reading this book haven't thought about who should play the confusingly hot and twisted Christian Grey! Here are some candidates that have made the running:

For the role of Ana Steel we have these ladies in the running:

Of course now the question would be ... would they do it? My guess is NO!

I was reluctant to hop on this band wagon, but I am glad I did. It's been enlightening, to say the least. I can't wait for books 2 and 3 to arrive. As an aside I hope that all this reading will get me back into reading more.

Friends Forever?

Friendships are such a gift. If you are lucky enough you can meet people that will be by your side through everything and become like family. How do they get that far? How is it determined what friends you keep in your life and what friends phase out.

When I was let go from my job in February, I was more saddened about the fact that I would not see my friend every day than the loss of my job. She was let go moments after I was that same day, ironically enough. However since February, we have drifted and the sad part is that I didn't really do anything to stop it.

She is a great person and has a good heart and I do love her as a person, but I haven't really missed her. What does that mean? Does that mean that we weren't really friends to begin with? Was it a friendship based on convenience? I have a hard time thinking that could be a possibility. She was there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on and we told each other things that we may not tell other people. We never really fought and we were able to work together all 5 days with almost no problem. There were days I will admit that I dreaded her coming in, but I would quickly get over that.

Since February I think I saw her a handful of times. She got a job right away, but I did not. I was home 90% of the time but on occasion I did have some cool photography things to do with a friend. At her birthday dinner/party thing she came over to me and said she had been meaning to call me for lunch or whatever, but said it looked like I was always busy, according to Facebook. She never texted and asked me or anything. That moment right there spoke volumes to me... I was unemployed and home almost EVERY day and yet she couldn't call or text me? I am not placing all of the blame on her, I am guilty as well for not picking up the phone, and perhaps more so because I was unemployed but I never would have said to her what she said to me. It was amusing to me that she thought I was so busy... But I digress...

We had lunch Wednesday and it was nice, but definitely off... I felt like there had been a noticeable shift. I haven't really missed her, sadly. This is something that came as a surprise to me. By my reaction after being let go, I would have thought that I would have missed her more, but that isn't what happened. I obviously needed a break from her. I haven't had the urge hang out with her or call her or anything... That is so sad to me.

Yet there are friends that I can't go more than a day or 2 without talking to or texting. What is that? What happened? Are we just going in different directions? It's all so strange to me, the dynamics of female friendships.

I love the friends that I have and I am fortunate to have them.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Hello! Hi! Aloha! I am still here... I hope you didn't forget about me, too much! I haven't forgotten about you! I think about you often, but I have just been in a bit of a slump. I can't find words and I think that maybe starting small with an update of where I have been over the last few months may help get the juices flowing. So... Here we go.....

Job front: I really LOVE my job. I like what I do and interacting with the patients. I have a very nice co-worker, who does things that just get under my skin, but that is my inner control freak coming out (that is another topic for another day). I love that I laugh everyday and that I don't feel totally inadequate with what I am doing. Sure there are things that I have questions about, but their answers are so much easier than answering a legal question. I like being surrounded by positivity and knowing that I am apart of a place where people are getting helped and healed. It warms my heart knowing that I am helping someone. Of course the flip side is that there are moments throughout the day when I am reminded of my dad. I work for an orthopedics office and with all the trouble dad had with his knees before he passed, the irony is not lost on me. I see patients that remind me of him at times, I see patients that have had to have amputations, and I see patients who are worse off than he was. 

School: I started my last semester at SCF May 14th. I am taking math (UGH) and speech (BIGGER UGH). The speech class is online thank goodness and it starts next week I believe. The math class is annoying. I am so disappointed that I neglected to get this taken care of sooner. But I digress... by the end of August, I will have my AA. GO ME!!! I am proud of myself, which is a weird feeling. I haven't been proud of myself in a while. Even though I will be "graduated" in August, the ceremony isn't until December...the day AFTER my birthday! YAY! So I have decided to have a party for me! 33 and graduating with my AA..WOOT! I have also been contemplating taking some classes for medical office training. Not sure where that will take me though. 

Health: Sadly this category is lacking. I need to get back to the gym... haven't really been since the job started.  I am just SOOOO tired all the time and I know part of that is because I have not been to the gym...No real excuses, just pure laziness. I need to refocus and start paying more attention to the food that I eat. I need to be really strict about the gluten free thing. It seems to work and I feel better when I do that... it's just so much harder than everyone makes it out to be. People seem to think that you can just change over night and it's all rainbows and butterflies... but it isn't. It's work... a lot of work. I need a motivator to get off my ass and get me healthy. Firefighter wants me to get a bike... I have been considering it, but I won't tell him that, it would give him too much satisfaction.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!