Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Interview

It's been 2 months since I was let go from my job. 

I haven't been on any interviews during that time. I have looked for jobs and applied for some, but not with enthusiasm. 

It's been difficult for me to look at a job posting and think to myself that I could actually do what they are asking for. I would look at the job description and the first thing I would do is look at the list and find something I couldn't do and move on. 

I'd dismiss it and then the doubt and questioning would surface and I would close up and push it aside. All I can think when I do look at jobs is, "is that something I did wrong that caused me to get fired?" 

I need to get over that. 

It's clear that I was let go for no real reason and that I didn't really do anything wrong to deserve to be let go.

But I finally ventured out and went on an interview Tuesday. 

It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be. I was freaked out all day yesterday and prepping myself for the dreaded strengths/weaknesses questions. The questions that I did receive were more scenario type questions and how I would handle the situation. The interviewer was impressed with my answers for the most part.

But they had an interview Thursday so they told me that I would hear something Friday or Monday. Well Friday, came and went and I heard nothing, so now we are waiting for Monday.

I will update when I know more! 


  1. Glad you got out there. It'll get better the next time you do one. I used to focus so much on the list of qualifications. When I looked at the list of duties for my very own job that I do right now very well I was also intimidated but I still went for it. Chances are you can either learn it or they make it sound more complicated then it is.

    1. I think they make it sound more complicated than it really is or they are trying to prepare you for almost any scenario that you would have to encounter while working there. Now we wait,.. thanks for the feedback!