Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is only a test

I hate taking tests. 

I understand their purpose, but I am not good at them. I could know the material, have studied, and then sit down and have the test placed in front of me, and my mind goes completely BLANK. It's such a terrifying feeling. 

I am taking a Religion in America class currently in order to complete my AA. (It's fulfilling a Gordon Rule requirement.) The book is not like any other textbook I have ever had. There is NO GLOSSARY!!! Which is something I just don't understand. Anyway, the teacher provides us with questions, about 40-70 depending on the chapter. The material is heavy and overwhelmingly burdensome. The teacher then attempts to squeeze 2-3 chapters into one test. Granted, this may be a normal practice in universities, I do not know, and I have been out of school for a while, but it's just chaotic.

I do not feel like I am learning anything. I feel like all I do is answer questions. We don't really go into depth about the topics, but merely graze the surface. And what is the deal with attempting to do all chapters of the book as opposed to choosing the most influential denominations and focusing on them? She is trying to squeeze it all in and it just doesn't seem logical.

The final is going to be on the last 5 chapters of the book.... 5 CHAPTERS!!! This past Monday when we took a 3 chapter test, I felt as though all of the information had escaped my brain. I knew only the stuff that we had just gone over the week before. It's do depressing. I think I am going to have to ask the teacher about extra credit. I left about 10 questions blank on the test. I know that you aren't supposed to leave questions blank, but I literally, could NOT think of anything to put down as an answer.

I can not wait for this to be over...

OH and I have a paper due on April 16th. I haven't even started, but I know that I work better under pressure, so I think it will be ok!

Peace out... I have homework to do!

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