Monday, March 19, 2012

Roommate Woes (a.k.a. the one where i bitch about the roommates girlfriend)

I am SO SO SO over having a roommate....and his girlfriend.

He hasn't done anything wrong per say, it's just his presence and the IDEA of having a roommate that is becoming an issue. 

He will only be here until July *hopefully*, but it's getting to be a bit much, considering that he has a girlfriend now... And that has created a bit of an issue mainly for me. I know that this is going to sound a bit, neurotic, but having another female in the house, makes me, um... NUTS! I find her to be a little controlling...and like she is trying to change my roommate, D. I like her very much. We have a fun time hanging out when she is here and we chit chat.  

Oh and did I mention Firefighter and I set them up? AND that their anniversary is the same as ours?

The room he is in isn't the best for a sleep over... we do not have a bed in there for him, just a leather couch. The couch had to be taken apart to be put in the room in the first place, so it's not moving. We told him about that when he asked to move in and he was fine with it. So needless to say when the girlfriend comes over and spends the weekend, it creates a bit of an issue for where she sleeps. Not really my concern, but I have this guilt that comes over me. Which is something I am working on.

But what really bothers me, what really gets under my skin, is when they are in common areas and they do the whisper talk, when I am within ear shot. I just thing it's rude and it makes me feel like a guest in my own house. Firefighter isn't really around for it, he is either at work or volunteering (this has been a busy month for him).

Another things that bothers me is that they are very anti-social when they are both here. They go into his room and just do, whatever. I don't know why that bothers me, but it does and I know it shouldn't. I mean, yes the house is like ridiculously small and we would probably be tripping over each other if they were out an about in the house, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise that they are hermits, but still they mostly quarantine themselves to his room.

And did I mention that while, I tell the girlfriend to make herself at home, I really don't want her too. It bothers me... Ugh! When I hear or see her in the kitchen looking for something, instead of just asking where it is, it makes me come unglued. If you don't know where it is freaking ASK!

Oh and did I mention that we only have ONE bathroom???? ONE!!!!!!!!!!! And it never fails that whenever it's in use is when a shower or whatever is needed. (Yea we have NO master bathroom)

The one thing I am looking forward to when he moves out is having my house back in order. The room that he is currently residing in was our office... Now our computer/office is out in the "dining" room. We have VERY limited space in there. VERY VERY limited space.

Oh and the walls are thin.... very THIN!


  1. I have a hard enough time living with my husband! It's just the nature of it. People are different. And it seems like even though the roommate isn't necessarily doing anything super obnoxious it just is because he's in your space. I hope he (and she) move out soon so you can get your house back.

    1. Thanks! D, the roommate doesn't do much that annoys me, but the most recent whisper talking and all really got under my skin...maybe it's just me.