Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year! I wish that I was able to share some exciting story about how my New Year's eve was totally awesome, but it wasn't. Firefighter was working a 24 hour shift so I didn't get to kiss him at midnight so that was a major bummer. But I was able to share the evening with my mom and sister. It has become our tradition now to enjoy dinner and then go to a movie on New Year's Eve. 2010 was Burlesque and Applebees and this year was New Year's Eve and Pei Wei.  Sadly the movie wasn't an "OMG you have to see this movie" movie, it was entertaining. Afterwards, I went home, took some drugs for my headache, climbed into bed and waited for the ball to drop. I managed to stay awake for a good part of the night, and had I not been texting with some people, I probably would have missed it. And of course, neighbors were shooting off fireworks, so that pleased Buster to no end... NOT. He did pretty good though. He only barked at the really LOUD fireworks. 

So this year one of my resolutions, along with every other red blooded American female, is to lose weight. Or rather get healthy. The term lose weight sounds like there is so much pressure behind it and that could be setting us up for failure. After doing some reading it appears that people with Grave's Disease, which is an autoimmune disease, do better when they go gluten free. So it appears that I will be jumping on the Gluten Free band wagon. I have not been diagnosed as gluten intolerant or as having Celiac disease, but it won't really hurt me to make an effort to cut the gluten out of my diet. I do not really feel that I make all that many poor food choices, however, as of late, we have been eating out a lot. That is something that is going to stop. And... I haven't been going to the gym. That is also something that is going to change. In order for me to get healthier I need to become more active. It's not necessarily something that I like, but it's a fact.(Tonight I did the treadmill at mom's for 20 minutes - not great, but a step in the right direction) Additionally, I have been dealing with some nasty, ever present hypothyroid symptoms. In light of that I have had to have the dosage of my Tirosint (synthroid) changed. I don't even want to be taking this particular hormone replacement, I would prefer the natural, since I felt better on that one, but it's more difficult to control and the doctors don't agree with me making the switch. I am going to give the new dosage a bit to see if I notice any changes and then go from there. I started the new dosage yesterday and I have noticed a little bit of a difference. I don't feel quite so groggy and tired. I have also introduced a multivitamin and some minerals into my routine that are helping also. I take 1 multivitamin, 1 magnesium (which along with calcium help you sleep) and 1 postassium each night before bed. 

So today was my first day back to the "better eating" kick. I did snack a bit on some nuts, and I know they aren't necessarily bad for you, but I shouldn't be eating them as much as I have been. I need to be drinking water instead. Obviously that is something that I am going to need to work on.  What's really great is that I have the awesome support of my mom and family. I am very lucky. While I really don't like being the reason that there needs to be special dishes and foods that need to be prepared a certain way, hopefully it will be something that will benefit all of us in the long run. 

I plan to try and utilize this blog to chart my progress and vent my frustrations and regale my successes. Hopefully you will join my on my journey and feel free to share your successes, frustrations and tips! 

Take care and here is to a happy and healthy 2012! 

Much love - 


  1. Good luck with your exercise goals. It's a necessary evil...but once you make it part of your routine you won't want to miss your work outs.

  2. Dear Alicia,
    Yes you will have some roads ahead of you and you have been dealt a "not so good hand" but if anyone can handle this challenge you can. I want you to remember that we are all here for you and behind you and will help in any way we can. Hopefully this New Year will bring you a lot more success than last year did and hopefully this "gluten-free" diet will be the key.
    Good luck and lots of success to you in your journey to new found health and also to your challenge of school. This year you will become . healthier, smarter and hopefully more informed about your auto immune condition and will have a better handle on it.

    Good Luck,
    Love, mom