Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food & Wine Festival Weekend

What a weekend! It started off realxed and stress free and continued throughout the weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better break from reality and life than this weekend.  Oh and the weather wasn’t all that shabby either.

Friday we left early in the AM for Orlando! We arrived a little bit after 11 or close to 12, parked at Downtown Disney (shhhhh) and hoped onto a resort bus which we knew would get us to a theme park….eventually. And when I say eventually, I mean eventually. I think the trip in total was approximately 30-40 minutes. It was either that or pay $20 to park, which would have eaten into our Food and Wine festival budget… OR go to the hotel and catch their bus and be basically stranded until 5:45 should we decide we want to leave a little early. And as it turns out we did just that. We got to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival and walked around a bit and sampled about 9 countries. Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe some of the food we chowed down on. There were a few staples that we decided to save for Saturday, like Italy, and others that were just kind of like, “we are here…we are hungry…let’s try it.” One of my FAVORITES surprisingly was the France dish.. it was Coq au Vin. I have never had it before. YUMMY … DELISH… SCRUMPTIOUS and those words do not do it justice. Then of course came the crème brulee…OH EM GEE! Uh… I could have licked the container.There were several countries that I could have lived without tasting, but for the most part, everything was delicious!!!

Coq au Vin - France
Creme Brulee - France

In there interest of not overdoing the pictures, I am only going to post the pictures of the food and countries that I really enjoyed!!

JAPAN - California Roll

This was from Argentina - it was delicious
Chocolate Lave cake with Bailey's ganache
We have already decided to plan a group trip for next year! Should be lots of fun!!! It's such a cool experience. 

As always, it was hard to leave... until next year! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Closing of a chapter

Firefighter has a new job working quasi-full time as a paramedic with a medical transport company. I am so proud of him and so thankful that he is able to use his education. But at the same time, part of me is a little sad. With the new job, means that he is leaving his old job as a movie theater manager, which is the connection to our old life, the life that brought us together. For so long the movie theater was a part of our lives. We met there, worked together, worked apart, and made friends there, friends that we still have. It's going to be so incredibly weird once that chapter in our story comes to a close. It's an important chapter, since it brought us together. One of my greatest fears has been that our connection to the theater was the only thing holding us together, like it was the only thing we had in common. But as time goes on and the more and more distance comes between us and the memories of the theater, it becomes clear that the theater was only the catalyst that brought us together, it's not WHO we are. It's where we met.