Thursday, October 6, 2011

Silverlake Home Pros & Cons: A List

  • We own the house - it would be OURS!!!! 
  • We would be almost grown ups! 
  • Room for a family
  • Good layout
  • More storage
  • More room - our current house is ABOUT 1000 square feet. The new house is 1951 sq feet. That's almost doubling in size... OH EM GEE! 
  • 2 car garage - now we have a car port 
  • We aren't under Firefighter's parent's thumb anymore
  • It's a newer house, therefore it's more energy efficient and won't leak AC. 
  • We can install fans! 
  • We can put holes in the walls... not a huge deal to most people, but since the walls in the current house are made out of plaster we can't hang pictures in the traditional way. Thank goodness for command hooks. 
  • We can have people over more then 2 at a time for dinner! 
  • I won't be ashamed of the house.
  • We can change it how ever we want... knock down walls, paint, rip up floors... WHATEVER WE WANT!!!!
  • There is a dishwasher - WE DON'T HAVE ONE NOW.... can I just say UGH!!!
  • Location is quiet and peaceful - there are cows in the backyard! COWS!! MOO!!!
  • There is a porch ... we can eat outside if we wanted to! 
  • I will finally feel like I have a home, something I can be proud of! I am not proud of the house we are in now and have never been able to feel like I can call it my own.. I don't like that I feel like I have to ask permission to paint it or anything.
  • The development has really come along... it's a lot more family friendly and cleaner. 
  • We get to GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!! We get to buy fun home decor thingys, and by we I mean ME! Firefighter could almost care less. He has made a request of no floral decor items and I can live with that... I am not a floral decor person. I do like fresh flowers, but I digress. 
  • I think I would be happier there... I think the surrounding area, the peace and quiet, will relax me a bit more.
  • Close to an up and coming area, which means that it could increase home value. I have a Kohls, Super Target, Old Navy and Sports Authority withing a 10 minute drive... AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!
  • We can grow into the house. I can see a family there! 
  • We own it.... if it breaks WE have to fix it (not our "landlords")
  • We have a mortgage payment that we can't miss
  • Farther away from work, deal with more traffic which leads to...
  • Spending more on gas. 
  • Adding Buster to the homeowner's insurance concerns me based on his breed. But he is like 13 years old and he has arthritis so I am not sure that he would be a threat, but he has a vicious bark. 
  • Farther away from bowling alley - affects Firefighter more then me.
  • We would have to replace the carpet and the fridge - at least on the current house that we are eyeing! The carpet is NAS-TY! I should post a picture!
  • We have to furnish more rooms... not right away, but eventually. 
  • We have discussed having a roommate. It would be purely for financial gain and a change to save some money. 
  • The house has been abandoned for two years... could there be things that we don't know about? We have to wait to have the inspection until it appears we are going to close. 
  • We have to go shopping... we have additional rooms to furnish... which means additional money to spend... oy. 
  • The kitchen sink is WHITE and the rest of the appliances are black, so that should be replaced. Nothing that has to be done right away, but should be addressed.


  1. totally forgot a few of the MOST important things: there is a walk in closet, a garden tub and the master bedroom is sooo much larger then what I have now! YAY!!!

  2. For me I'd say it's worth it. As long as the house is sound and there are no issues with it. Having space and a home to take pride in was priceless for me. Good luck making your decision. I know it's a tough one!

  3. I love owning a house. It's so much better than not. If you like the actual house, I think you'll be happy with your decision long term :-)