Sunday, October 2, 2011

I think it's Fall, but I live in Florida so it could be a glitch

OMG.... the weather this morning is awesome! If only I lived in a place where the leaves changed and looked like this.... then I would know for sure that it was fall. The problem with Florida is how fickle it is here. One minute it's cold and the next minute it could be hot again! I wish I lived somewhere, where the seasons were more definitive. Here the seasons flow together and are almost indistinguishable. Well, except for summer.... we can tell when it's summer. It gets freaking hot as hell during the summer time. 

I love the change of season... and this is one of my favorite times of the year. I was born and raised in Florida, but I am by no means a Florida girl. I would much rather live somewhere where it isn't blistering hot all the time. I don't find Florida to be a beautiful place to live. I prefer to look at trees and mountains and leaves that change colors... I would like to see snow once and a while. 

One thing I love about the change in weather is the change I feel... I feel more energized... more alive. That is huge. The heat sucks the life out of reason I hate living in Florida. I can't wait until the weather change is during the day and not just in the mornings and evenings...then I can open the windows and turn off the AC! It means snuggling under blankets and hot chocolate and maybe once in a while... having backyard fire pits! WOO HOO!

Fall is ALMOST here!


  1. Agreed. Hate the heat as well. I want this cool feelibg every day. One question: would you ever move?

  2. I would, but my beloved would not!

  3. It does feel so energizing! I've been hiding inside with the kids most of the summer and it kills me. I am such an outdoor person. But today, with the windows open, the birds chirping, I feel like I could do anything! Amazing.