Saturday, October 15, 2011

freely creative

is it possible for a house to make you feel mentally blocked? i tend to feel like i am most creative when i am not at my own house. i feel more expressive when i am out and about. right now I am sitting at the library and should be studying, but i am writing this instead.. hee hee. but my point is just that i feel like i can really think here and other places and i can't do that at home. is it because i don't like my house? is it because there is a great deal of stress attached to it since it's always needing attention? i guess it makes sense. but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. i would love be able to have the thoughts that i have here and at work when i am at home. it would be far more efficient. but efficient is boring right?!! HA! 

where do you all write/create the best?

p.s. and as i sit here... i wish i brought my camera with me. shucks!

p.p.s. next time, i shouldn't sit near the window :) 

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