Thursday, September 15, 2011

My cup is full! I am saying WHEN!!!!

I am tired. Just plain exhausted. I feel like I am being pulled in all different directions. Work, school, keeping up the house, and trying to get the new house. All of this in addition to having some kind of life. I feel so overwhelmed.

I love Firefighter but I am so annoyed with him right now. Mainly in regards to the house we are looking at. He wants to do things one way and when I tell him how things are going to happen or what the mortgage broker and realtor says he goes off on these fits of what he wants them to know. I have told him multiple times that he should call them and talk to them. I asked him to call the attorney for the seller and make the offer and he didn't. It ended up back on me. So frustrating!!! Why can't he do that? I am starting to feel like the man. I do not way to be the man. I way to be the woman.

I am getting more responsibility at work. I do nit want it. I want out. I am going to school to get my AA and then my teaching degree! I do not like working for lawyers. They are like adult children. I already have to take care of my own house and Aaron, I do not appreciate taking care if them. I do not know how working women do it with children.

This is when I have doubts about how good of a wife/mother I am going to be. I give working moms so much credit. And those who are going to school too...OMG!!!! I am not the best house keeper. I want to be better but sometimes it's so overwhelming and it never ends. And Firefighter doesn't always help me.

I could go on and on ... But I am super sleepy and ready for bed.

Night night

Ps - first post from blogger app on touch. Only complaint is that the keyboard doesn't rotate.

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