Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last night I went on a Journey with a Foreigner who was a Night Ranger

OMG last night was amazing!!! It was sooo much fun!!! 

I am having a hard time figuring out where to start this post for some reason. Probably, because I am not all that awake. 

So we arrived at the Amphitheater last night at 7 and I am pretty certain we missed the opening act. Night Ranger was on stage when we arrived. Sadly both C and I didn't really know ANY of their songs, EXCEPT for Sister Christian and they played that last, of course.

Foreigner came on next. We were surprised by the songs they sang that we didn't KNOW Foreigner sang. It was great... I came home and downloaded all the songs they performed. During the slow, love type songs, people were up and dancing in the aisle or at their seats. And one point we looked around and people had their cell phones in the air with the lights on... they are the lighters of the future. They put on a great show. They did a lot of guitar solos and a few sax solos... totally awesome. I texted my brother throughout their set  and he too was ashamed of his "shallow" knowledge of their songs. I told him I wanted to call him during the guitar solo, because he is a fan, so he called. It was so cliche... I was holding my phone in the air so he could hear... HAHA! Their songs really took me back... it made me feel young again. Great feeling!!!! 

Journey was last... save the best for last I always say. This was my first Journey concert, so I was expecting the original band, but I was told that the lead singer, Steve Perry, was no longer with them. The guy they got to replace him totally sounded just like him. They found this guy by searching Youtube for cover bands... and the rest is history... Kind of like the movie "Rockstar" with Mark Wahlberg isn't it?!?!? 

So they started off strong... with a classic... then they would intertwine new songs, that I couldn't determine if I liked them or not. The crowd made it obvious too... they would sit down during the new songs and they were still like statutes. But when a classic song came on we would JUMP to our feet and scream and dance.
We stayed until "Don't Stop Believin" came on. Such a great song!!! The crowd was electrifying!!  When we left, there were couples "dirty dancing" in the aisles. And they were like older... it was freaky.  


There was a real eclectic group of people at the concert. Older people, middle aged people, tweens and some younger kids. I mentioned to C that the young ones are probably thinking that they are singing "Don't stop believin" because it was on Glee. Instead of the other way around. So tragic! But in the same sense it's great that they are being exposed to classics. 

We got so lucky to be handed these tickets...that's right they were FREE!!!! Hopefully we can get to go to another concert! 

Had a great time... Really miss 80's music and being a kid! 

Alright, I have to do some homework... unfortunately! 

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