Monday, September 26, 2011


Last I checked when I looked in the mirror I was 31 years old... almost 32. But to listen to me talk at times, you would think I was about 80. I have noticed that of late, I have become very attached to my routine. It seems to have become my crutch. Like most people, I have my way of doing things and have my preferences.

Right now my day looks as follows: 

get up
go to work
gym...if i am lucky
publix - if necessary


It can never be messed with.
 I hate when my plan gets disrupted.
 I have absolutely no problem adjusting said schedule as long as I know in advance.
So much for being spontaneous.
Weekends of course are up for grabs. Anything goes! 
I am too young to have such an old mentality about the day to day. 
I don't even have kids and I crave this structure. 
Can you IMAGINE the nut case I am going to be when I become a mother??? 

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  1. I'm the same way. I must know what's happening and I like it to be the same every day. Or else I get super grumpy and feel out of control. We are both 30's going on 80's