Thursday, September 29, 2011

A glimpse of history.... 3 minutes in the making

Last night was an incredible night for Major League Baseball! There is no one word in the dictionary that accurately reflect the sheer weight of the games played last night. It was so awesome to watch, even though I kept trying to go to bed. It seemed like every time I closed my eyes Firefighter was in the other room getting loud! So I decided to just stay up... And boy am I glad that I did! What a freaking adrenaline rush! 

 We had changed the channel because the score was 7-0 and it wasn't looking good for our Rays. Oh ye of little faith.

Thank goodness for Twitter. As I was sitting in bed, I was looking over my feed, when a post struck my eye stating that the Rays had tied up the game. I leaped out of bed and ran and told Firefighter to put on the game! Well... after that we were glued. We started flipping back and forth between the Yankees-Rays game and the Red Sox-Orioles game and getting excited and sitting on the edge of our seats... SO INTENSE!!!! 

We managed to see both historic moments. We watched as Carl Crawford (you remember him right) miss the ball and not make the play in time. Then we flipped to see EVAN LONGORIA's game winning home run! The picture below sums it all up! 

We stayed up and watched a little of the post game coverage on ESPN and the interviews by Todd Kalas. It was too exciting to go to bed. Then of course Sports Center was on first thing this morning! What slays me is that it seems that the commentators were more interested in the fall of the Red Sox then the rise of the Rays. They focused more on the bad then the good. We are a Cinderella story here people... acknowledge it! 

(Via Tampa Tribune)

The Red Sox were the anticipated Wild Card team for the AL East Division... but they aren't the Wild Card team... The underestimated Tampa Bay Rays are! The performance of the Rays in the month of September is absolutely amazing! It seems even their own fans are scratching their heads going "What did we just do??? Did that just happen? Yes, YES IT DID!

(Via Tampa Tribune)

(Via Tampa Tribune)

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