Thursday, September 29, 2011

A glimpse of history.... 3 minutes in the making

Last night was an incredible night for Major League Baseball! There is no one word in the dictionary that accurately reflect the sheer weight of the games played last night. It was so awesome to watch, even though I kept trying to go to bed. It seemed like every time I closed my eyes Firefighter was in the other room getting loud! So I decided to just stay up... And boy am I glad that I did! What a freaking adrenaline rush! 

 We had changed the channel because the score was 7-0 and it wasn't looking good for our Rays. Oh ye of little faith.

Thank goodness for Twitter. As I was sitting in bed, I was looking over my feed, when a post struck my eye stating that the Rays had tied up the game. I leaped out of bed and ran and told Firefighter to put on the game! Well... after that we were glued. We started flipping back and forth between the Yankees-Rays game and the Red Sox-Orioles game and getting excited and sitting on the edge of our seats... SO INTENSE!!!! 

We managed to see both historic moments. We watched as Carl Crawford (you remember him right) miss the ball and not make the play in time. Then we flipped to see EVAN LONGORIA's game winning home run! The picture below sums it all up! 

We stayed up and watched a little of the post game coverage on ESPN and the interviews by Todd Kalas. It was too exciting to go to bed. Then of course Sports Center was on first thing this morning! What slays me is that it seems that the commentators were more interested in the fall of the Red Sox then the rise of the Rays. They focused more on the bad then the good. We are a Cinderella story here people... acknowledge it! 

(Via Tampa Tribune)

The Red Sox were the anticipated Wild Card team for the AL East Division... but they aren't the Wild Card team... The underestimated Tampa Bay Rays are! The performance of the Rays in the month of September is absolutely amazing! It seems even their own fans are scratching their heads going "What did we just do??? Did that just happen? Yes, YES IT DID!

(Via Tampa Tribune)

(Via Tampa Tribune)

Monday, September 26, 2011


Last I checked when I looked in the mirror I was 31 years old... almost 32. But to listen to me talk at times, you would think I was about 80. I have noticed that of late, I have become very attached to my routine. It seems to have become my crutch. Like most people, I have my way of doing things and have my preferences.

Right now my day looks as follows: 

get up
go to work
gym...if i am lucky
publix - if necessary


It can never be messed with.
 I hate when my plan gets disrupted.
 I have absolutely no problem adjusting said schedule as long as I know in advance.
So much for being spontaneous.
Weekends of course are up for grabs. Anything goes! 
I am too young to have such an old mentality about the day to day. 
I don't even have kids and I crave this structure. 
Can you IMAGINE the nut case I am going to be when I become a mother??? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So behind

Firefighter was in a parade on September 11 and I have yet to post anything.

Losing points....

I am going to do it and soon I hope!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hurry up .... and wait

Well we made the offer on the house.

And now we wait! 

I hate waiting. 

I wish we could just say yes or no and be done with it. 

in my mind i have moved in, painted and bought new furniture. 

i don't want to become more invested. 

i want to know if i should continue to dream or let it go. 

 there is a part of me that is seriously paranoid and scared to death thinking , what happens IF we get this house? then what? we can not longer rely on our "landlords" to pay for the big things. that will become our responsibility. can we afford this? are we ready? that is when the nausea starts. i want to throw up when i think about it at times. i am so incredibly nervous about this next step. the responsibility. the liability.  

i feel like this will hurl us into adulthood. it's a step that needs to be taken. we have been behaving like children for far too long. 

in the same breath however, i am looking forward to having people over and having dinner parties. being able to invite my family over. having more space. owning something. taking a house and making it our own. i imagine painting the kitchen a light shade of yellow and one day buying a white, round table for the "breakfast" area. then get a square or rectangular table for the dining area. 

i don't know how people make it through this process looking at multiple houses. i would want to pull my hair out. i am already ready to kill someone and it's the first and only house so far that we have put an offer on. i can't even imagine what the closing process and all that is going to be like. it's going to be crazy. 

let's hope this process doesn't make me bald and give me an ulcer. 

peace out.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last night I went on a Journey with a Foreigner who was a Night Ranger

OMG last night was amazing!!! It was sooo much fun!!! 

I am having a hard time figuring out where to start this post for some reason. Probably, because I am not all that awake. 

So we arrived at the Amphitheater last night at 7 and I am pretty certain we missed the opening act. Night Ranger was on stage when we arrived. Sadly both C and I didn't really know ANY of their songs, EXCEPT for Sister Christian and they played that last, of course.

Foreigner came on next. We were surprised by the songs they sang that we didn't KNOW Foreigner sang. It was great... I came home and downloaded all the songs they performed. During the slow, love type songs, people were up and dancing in the aisle or at their seats. And one point we looked around and people had their cell phones in the air with the lights on... they are the lighters of the future. They put on a great show. They did a lot of guitar solos and a few sax solos... totally awesome. I texted my brother throughout their set  and he too was ashamed of his "shallow" knowledge of their songs. I told him I wanted to call him during the guitar solo, because he is a fan, so he called. It was so cliche... I was holding my phone in the air so he could hear... HAHA! Their songs really took me back... it made me feel young again. Great feeling!!!! 

Journey was last... save the best for last I always say. This was my first Journey concert, so I was expecting the original band, but I was told that the lead singer, Steve Perry, was no longer with them. The guy they got to replace him totally sounded just like him. They found this guy by searching Youtube for cover bands... and the rest is history... Kind of like the movie "Rockstar" with Mark Wahlberg isn't it?!?!? 

So they started off strong... with a classic... then they would intertwine new songs, that I couldn't determine if I liked them or not. The crowd made it obvious too... they would sit down during the new songs and they were still like statutes. But when a classic song came on we would JUMP to our feet and scream and dance.
We stayed until "Don't Stop Believin" came on. Such a great song!!! The crowd was electrifying!!  When we left, there were couples "dirty dancing" in the aisles. And they were like older... it was freaky.  


There was a real eclectic group of people at the concert. Older people, middle aged people, tweens and some younger kids. I mentioned to C that the young ones are probably thinking that they are singing "Don't stop believin" because it was on Glee. Instead of the other way around. So tragic! But in the same sense it's great that they are being exposed to classics. 

We got so lucky to be handed these tickets...that's right they were FREE!!!! Hopefully we can get to go to another concert! 

Had a great time... Really miss 80's music and being a kid! 

Alright, I have to do some homework... unfortunately! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My cup is full! I am saying WHEN!!!!

I am tired. Just plain exhausted. I feel like I am being pulled in all different directions. Work, school, keeping up the house, and trying to get the new house. All of this in addition to having some kind of life. I feel so overwhelmed.

I love Firefighter but I am so annoyed with him right now. Mainly in regards to the house we are looking at. He wants to do things one way and when I tell him how things are going to happen or what the mortgage broker and realtor says he goes off on these fits of what he wants them to know. I have told him multiple times that he should call them and talk to them. I asked him to call the attorney for the seller and make the offer and he didn't. It ended up back on me. So frustrating!!! Why can't he do that? I am starting to feel like the man. I do not way to be the man. I way to be the woman.

I am getting more responsibility at work. I do nit want it. I want out. I am going to school to get my AA and then my teaching degree! I do not like working for lawyers. They are like adult children. I already have to take care of my own house and Aaron, I do not appreciate taking care if them. I do not know how working women do it with children.

This is when I have doubts about how good of a wife/mother I am going to be. I give working moms so much credit. And those who are going to school too...OMG!!!! I am not the best house keeper. I want to be better but sometimes it's so overwhelming and it never ends. And Firefighter doesn't always help me.

I could go on and on ... But I am super sleepy and ready for bed.

Night night

Ps - first post from blogger app on touch. Only complaint is that the keyboard doesn't rotate.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Since my dad has passed I have had days where he seems ever present. On 8/21/11 he seemed more present than I have ever experienced. 

On that particular morning, I woke up at 7am. Not too unusual for a Saturday for me. I got up, went onto the couch and feel back to sleep. What happened next is difficult to articulate. 

I was dreaming about dad and a family trip I believe. I kept trying to reach him, but he was ALWAYS out of reach. I would start to cry in the dream and the weight of the emotion or something WOKE ME UP! I fell back to sleep but this occurred 2 more times. Insanity! 

I talked to my mom and she had a dad day also. While at work she was returning to her desk and she had her radio set to her favorite station and no sooner did she sit down, then their song came on.. Lou Rawls "You'll Never Find". OMG! She admitted she had a hard time composing herself but managed to finish out the day. 

Later that evening I went to a Thirty-One party at a friend's house and she had the radio station playing through her TV set to 70's music. I was there maybe 10 minutes and the Lou Rawls song came on. 

At that point it was like OK Dad ... we get it! 

Funny how some days he is more present then others. He is always with me though, but that day in particular he was quite an attention hog!  Hee hee!

Here it is .... my mom and dad's song! 

Love you guys! 

Fun Photo Day

Firefighter and I found an abandoned train by our house, so he came along with me while I took some pics! Here are some of the fruits of our, mainly my, labor.

During our outing it became obvious that the abandoned boxcars were serving as shelter, places to sleep for some people. We came across a pile of clothes and a make shift bed in one of the cars. Harsh reality, but reality just the same. 

I am so excited and pleased with the way most of the photos came out! 
Hope you enjoy!