Saturday, July 23, 2011

Resurgence of Excitement!!

It is so incredibly fantastic to be excited about something. I haven't been excited about anything in such a long time.

We have the slim possibility of getting a house... exciting, nerve wracking, overwhelming, the list of emotions goes on and on.

I am going back to school... YIPPY!!!! What could be more exciting? Other then getting the house or getting married or having a baby.... yea school is up there for me. I will have my AA in 5 short classes. I have registered for a science class and a literature class. The science class is an environmental science class and the literature class is a women's lit class. I looked up one of the syllabus' online and it's a little daunting. But daunting in a good way. Daunting in the I am looking forward to expanding my horizons and maybe these books will inspire me kind of way. The books that are on the syllabus for the lit class are books that I have never heard of before so naturally I googled them. One of the books, The Italian by Anne Radcliffe, sounds interesting. The others sound a little meh... like I could take them or leave them. I am nervous, however, about how I manage my time. The science class is a web based class. I have never taken an online class before and I am apprehensive about my work ethic and the fact that how well I do in that class is entirely on my shoulders. I can't blame the teacher for not explaining something thoroughly enough. Hopefully I will be able to maintain a decent GPA. My last attempt at school in 2008 I made the dean's list. Not that hard to do with one class, but still I was proud of myself. 

I am honestly so excited about buying new school supplies...pens, notebooks, a school bag for the one class that I have at an actual campus. Do you think it would be totally justifiable to get a brand new vera bradley tote for school? I do... maybe!

In particular this one:

Or this one:

I really like the patterns. I will have to check them out in the store. 

Ooooh..... I am getting goosebumps!!!! 


  1. yay!!! congratulations! so many exciting changes!

  2. I'm excited for you and the possibility of getting a new house! We were on the prowl for a new home for our little family for about a year before we found the perfect one. We FINALLY closed on the house this past Friday, and have been scrubbing like crazy to prepare for the big move-in on Tuesday. Good luck with everything!