Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Love

Today was a good day. I got up very early... like normal. Sadly, I can't seem to sleep in on the weekends. I think I get so EXCITED about their arrival that I want to get started right away.

But.... I digress.... 

Today was a celebration of life gathering for a dear friend of mine's father in law. It goes without saying that anytime someone close to me has someone they know pass away it reawakens the emotions I had from when my father passed. I arrived with mixed emotions. I have been a little on edge when it comes to dad lately. He has been ever present lately and I felt like my tears were at the surface just waiting for the damn to burst releasing the pressure. 

But today was different... today it was definitely a celebration of life. There were no tears... only laughter. There were shared memories and stories and reminiscing of times passed, no shrouds of pain or sadness. As my friend so eloquently put it, her father in law's passing was not a tragic death. It was the inevitable. The man was 87 years old. He lived a long life... from what I can see he traveled a fair amount, he had a family - a wife, kids, grandchildren. He knew love and I am sure he gave it in return. 

It was a privilege to share the day with her. To be there for her, the way she was for me when my father passed. I can offer some solace to her now and while it's not something I am glad we can bond over, I am glad to know I have someone I can share emotions with. Someone who understands the loss.

After I left her house, Fireifghter and I resumed what has become the normal household festivities... shopping, cleaning out the fridge and the like were on the agenda for today. Firefighter's dad came over and helped to do some lawn work today. The house looks nice. I am excited because we are having a contractor come out to look at the house and we will be getting new doors and hopefully new windows. SO EXCITED! It's amazing how your priorities shift when you have a house to take care of! 

Overall - a very good day! LJP - if you are reading this... LOVE YOU!!!! 

Happy Sunday peeps.... hope it was a good one! 

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