Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday

I am linking up with Fadra at all things fadra for the first time for Stream of Consciousness Sunday! It's a 5 minute "brain dump" with no editing, no proofreading, no revising... it's like free association writing... I am excited to start this new series! 
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my boss never ceases to amaze me. 

it's sunday and she is texting me. just because she works on sundays doesn't mean that we all need to. she is hardly ever in the office during the week. she works from home 90% of the time. i resent the fact that she feels that it is ok to contact me on the weekend because that is when she chooses to work. this is a con when working for someone who works for them self...i,e. an attorney. then i have to listen to her moan and groan about how she never gets anything done at home... well then COME INTO THE OFFICE! HELLO!?!!? doesn't that seem like the most obvious answer. I mean what is the point of having at office in the office if you are not going to use it? it's equipped with a new computer and everything... a mini-fridge....

i truly feel that if she came into the office we would be way more efficient then we are. and she always preaches efficiency. i hate to tell her that right now we are not operating in the most efficient way possible. 

this is one of the things i dislike the most about working for her. 


  1. A female attorney = workaholic. Especially a female because they always feel like they have more to prove. If it were me, I'd tell you to conveniently not see her texts on the weekend. But then again, you might want to keep your job.

    Thanks for linking up! Welcome to #SOCsunday!

  2. I can identify with this so much. My boss preaches that we need to find out how to do things better... but then wants to have endless meetings and forms for processes about how to accomplish this. It's all kind of backwards. My bosses used to require work on weekends... they know i've "wised up" and won't do it anymore. That's my time. (Ok, now you have me in a ranting mood!) :)

  3. I find it interesting that she works from home during the week and goes in to the office on the weekend. I can see where efficiency would become an issue. Yikes.

  4. argh. I abhor people who devalue others by stepping over boundaries like weekends. Go away, nasty boss. Go away!

  5. wow - as crazy as this sounds ... i WISH my boss was MIA during the week!!

    however, i can easily see how annoying/inconvenient her method is.