Sunday, June 5, 2011


*I so wish I could harness my writing better. I have constant stories, blog posts, and just general thoughts roaming around in my brain and I wish that I could remember them all. It is so frustrating for me to have all of these thoughts and then to lose them all... ARGH! I carry a notebook with me and sometimes I can't even get the thoughts into my notebook...they leave my brain that quickly. There are days when I just sit with my blog open hoping and praying I will come up with something clever and interesting to write about. 

*I could have stayed in bed all day today. No reason in particular... just because. My second cousin graduated from high school so we had her graduation party today and honestly, I had NO desire to go. Especially when I found out where it was going to be... It was at my cousin's apartment complex's clubhouse and pool. Now... it was not exactly the nicest place, but that isn't even the point. The point is that the clubhouse had no A/C...and we are in FLORIDA! HELLO sweat! It was miserable in there, unless you wanted to go in the pool. I am not a lover of swimming, odd since I grew up with a pool, so I stayed out of the pool. I went outside about 20 minutes before we left. OMG... I just can't stand the heat.

*I have a doctor's appointment next week to get the blood results from the chiropractor ordered blood work. She ordered a full metabolic panel and some thyroid antibody tests. I can't wait to get the results back and see what the hell is going on in my body. I really feel strongly that once I get to the bottom of this life will get better and things will just fall more into place. 

*My 17 year old niece, D, who will be a senior next year, has asked me to take her senior pictures for her. I am SO excited to do this. I am going to look into portraits since this isn't something that I do often! It was so flattering that she would ask me. 

*I do not have to work tomorrow thanks to the kids "promotion/graduation" ceremony! So excited. I feel so relaxed and at ease too. I am not having the usual dread and trepidation that I usually have when I go to bed on Sunday nights. I tend to stay awake longer then I should just to make the weekend last longer.....and longer. The weekends are never long enough~ I always wish it could be 3 days instead of just 2. Why is it that we have to work 5 days and relax 2? I think the Europeans have it right! They put life ahead of work! 

Hope you had a great weekend! 

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