Monday, June 27, 2011

Domestic Dude

I have been wanting to write this post for a while about how Firefighter has become quite the domestic dude around the house. 

Ever since we got the grill Firefighter has been really into the house lately. He gets motivated and that motivates me and that means we are being productive. It's so nice to have him being an active participant in the house and the way I cook and do things. Although at times I seem to get defensive when he questions me. He isn't "questioning" me like interrogating me, but rather questioning me as to why I do it this way or that way. He offers input and his opinion on things and we are really seeming to find our way running the household as a team and not just me alone. I really enjoy having his input most of the time. There are times when I wish he would just let me do things and not ask any questions. I will never forget one day I came home for lunch and the house smelled like bleach and of course the idea of him cleaning the bathroom NEVER crossed my mind, but that's what happened. HE CLEANED THE BATHROOM (UM HELLLOOOOO!!!!!)! Then later that day when I came home for the day from work he was doing the dishes. In case you missed that...HE WAS DOING THE DISHES!!!! As much as I enjoy having some of the slack picked up, at times I fear that I am going to lose my job. I will not let him do the laundry though (job security). I am afraid he will shrink all the clothes. It's been a blessing having him become more domesticated since I tend to go in and out of consistent domestic diva mode. At times I am right on top of everything and then I lose my umpf and well.... it goes down hill from there. Although deep down at times, I feel like I am inadequate because Firefighter is picking up my slack. That isn't right. We should be doing it together! 

It's been very exciting to have him show interest in the house. I am glad not to be alone anymore. Since we are doing this collaboratively I almost feel comfortable having people over the house. We have managed to maintain the house too. It isn't getting too dirty and we are cleaning up after ourselves during the week. It's so great to come home to a clean house and to not be ashamed to invite my mother over. I don't want you to think I am a pig, but in all honesty I am a bit of a slob... in the "I leave a trail of my belongings in every room" sense. And, sadly, I can be a bit of a pack rat... not good. BUT it's not hoarders bad, it's just that I suffer from the "I will fit back into that shirt from two years ago real soon" syndrome! I like to think of it as being optimistic, not rat packing. If Firefighter had his way... we would just toss it! 

A N Y W A Y . . . . .  life has been pretty nice at home! We grill a lot and we are eating healthier. It's so awesome to be a team, to be partners! 


  1. So cool! Definitely do not discourage his cleaning help. Many women would kill to have a little hubby help in that department. You sound like my hubby. He is not a pack rat but he leaves a tornado trail of destruction in his path. Much to my dismay!

  2. Oh girl, he is def. a keeper!
    My hubby helps out if I ask him to, but doesn't usually venture on his own. Haha