Friday, May 20, 2011

Week from HE**

to say that this was the week from hell is an understatement.

it all started last Friday, the 13th. I was at work last friday until 8:00pm. i was reviewing and sending the bills out to the clients. the new lady made some mistakes that caused me to be there late. additionally we started preparing for a major hearing in a huge case for tuesday. over the weekend i battled major headaches. we had our breakfast with friends on sunday morning at a place called word of mouth. very delicious.

so monday started bright and early, with me arriving at the office at 7:30am. Fearless leader was already in the office when i arrived. so she was working fervently upstairs preparing basically all day. left for the day at 6:00 and therefore no gym! went to mom's for dinner and watched dwts! competition is getting tight!

tuesday - day of hearing in mega case - i arrived again at the bright and early hour of 7:30am. not an eventful day at work but still busy. when fearless leader is in the office we are far more productive and occupied. but tuesday night was my thyroid seminar. omg... learned a lot. i will post on that separately. so there by no gym again. (night of the full moon)

wednesday - typical day for the most part. except that the office was participating in a chili cook off for the local judges. i spent most of the day playing creative director. then we attended the event after work and i didn't get home until 8:00pm. considering that our theme for our table evolved the day before and that we won for best theme i thought it was pretty cool. and i was very proud of myself. after i got home we went to walmart and got a new set of steak knives. so again no gym.

thursday - i was looking forward to a "normal" day, but that was not what i got. fearless leader signed up for a luncheon to go to with associate (my friend c-dawg). but since fearless leader was tied up in mediation all day she couldn't go so that meant that i had to go to the luncheon with associate. i didn't want to go. had to come home and get changed. for some reason when i got home i had a bit of a mental breakdown and started crying. it was a good release that came from no where. i think the lack of sleep and constant busyness finally caught up to me. and then last night was the grey's anatomy finale. went to a friends house and had dinner and vegged and watched the show together. again no gym.

friday - finally able to have a slow and relaxing day. woke up feeling pretty good today. put on a dress felt really good about the way i looked and everything. had lunch at the pizza place next to the movie theatre with the shop owner. he made us fried calamari. it was delicious, but OMG did i have indigestion afterwards. and now my throat is tight from acid reflux... blech. so came home made dinner and firefighter and i started watching baseball games and eventually fell asleep around 730/800.

i am soooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

phew... typing that was a lot like experiencing it. perhaps the full moon had something to do with it.

i am so looking forward to an uneventful weekend.

happy friday readers!

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