Friday, May 13, 2011

Hope & Excitement

I am SOOO excited! 

I stumbled upon an advertisement for a FREE Thyroid Seminar in my area. Why am I SO thrilled you ask, well because there has never been a seminar on thyroid issues in my area, and um's free!!! The seminar is this Tuesday at 6:00pm and my mama is coming with me.  So coincidentally today i was googling thyroid symptoms as I tend to do when i am not feeling 100% and the very first link is for the doctor that is holding the seminar on Tuesday. Totally meant to be right? Like this is a sign for sure. So i investigate... and on the website there is a video on the doctor discussing her opinion on the thyroid and autoimmune diseases, which i had/have (very confusing). What excites me so is that when i listen to her she talks about treating the WHOLE body and not just the thyroid or the symptoms. She talks about the big picture. She talks about doing a whole set of tests that range from your brain to your gut to the unmentionable... ya know what i mean... hopefully these tests aren't astronomically priced because I would LOVE to get them done. This new found information gives me so much hope. SO MUCH! I feel like I am crazy sometimes when i tell the doctors that i feel this way or that way.

a side note... this doctor holding the seminar is a chiropractor. her practice is a chiroptracic wellness center. a friend of mine told me that chiropractor's tend to look at the whole body and base treatment off of that, but she did warn that they also tend to think that they know more then doctor's so i have to be cautious.

i really believe that in order to treat what i have you need to look at the whole body, because it affects/effects (i can never tell these words apart) the entire body. your thyroid does SO much it would be silly not to look at how the treatment is affecting/effecting the entire body. 

So hopefully i will have oodles of info to share on Tuesday. 

YIPPY SKIPPY!!!!!!!!!! 

Happy Weekending!

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