Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Today has been quite a lovely day, thus far.  We have gone to Home Depot, had breakfast with friends, went to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and then I went to Publix solo. 

Firefighter has been quite the handyman around the house lately. We live in an older house and all of the outlets are 2 prong outlets so we have been replacing them. *SUPER FUN*

We also replaced the lighting receptacle in the dining room. It was HIDEOUS! We hung the new one today. *YAY* 

It is SO nice to have him finally take an interest in the house. I think the new grill sparked it all to be honest. And frankly I do not care what it is that shifted his motivation, all I care about is that fact that he is motivated!

It is so nice to actually enjoy living in my house. It has been ages since I have actually liked living here. The new couch... the new grill... it's all so homey!

We are actually going to be able to have people over and not be ashamed of the house. Next we will have to tackle the outside. I'd like to attempt planting some flowers. I don't have the best green thumb but it's worth a shot. 

So hopefully the rest of this weekend will be as relaxing and yet productive... 

Tomorrow will be Memorial day festivities at mom's house! (And appropriately we are currently watching Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde!) 

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