Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dishwater Dreams: Writing Workshop

I have been getting prompts from Dishwater Dreams for a little while now but I haven't been inspired by any of the prompts until recently. 

The prompt that inspired me in particular is: What would you do if you weren't afraid to?

I have to say that I have several responses to this posed question. 

1.) I would quit my job and go back to school full time. What is intimidating about this scenario is the lack of income if I were to actually do this. How would we live? We have bills... Would I get a part time job? Would i stay focused on school? 

2.) Make my blog more public. It is currently not something all of my friends know about. I do not share my posts on Facebook. I still have a fear of rejection and I am very sensitive when it comes yo my writing. It's not something I have the most confidence in. In all honesty I think I may have mentioned that I have this blog to Firefighter, but never fully discussed it with him. I am more willing to share this with perfect strangers than with people that I know. 

3.) Ultimately though I think if money were NO object, I would quit my job and head to Italy. I so would love to travel and see more of this earth. There is so much here to see that I know and have accepted that I will never get to see. Plus I want to get a better understanding and more exposure to my heritage. After Italy I think I would hit up Paris, France and perhaps London. 

What would YOU do if you weren't afraid to??

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