Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Changing of the Guard

Firefighter and I were walking through Publix this evening doing some grocery shopping, when a thought popped into my head...he is now my main "go to" guy for all things masculine. It came about while he and i were discussing steaks and whether or not to use marinade or dry rubs. Not something all that complicated or in depth, but none the less, interesting to me... it was at that moment that it occurred to me that Firefighter is now the man that I look to for guidance on things that i would normally look to my dad for. Cooking is a small part of it, but it's a huge realization none the less. Despite the fact that Firefighter and I have been together for quite sometime, I would go to dad for "manly" type things, and in particular cooking and/or fixing things.

The way the thought came out of no where just amazes me. Nothing special prompted it, and now it will be embedded in my mind.  I can no longer seek guidance from dad or his opinion on things or listen to his wisdom or his stories. 

It's like the changing of the guard. Even though I haven't lived at home for quite some time, my dad, was my dad... he looked out for me, he had my best interests at heart. I have brothers that I know do the same thing, but it's different with a significant other.

He is there by choice no familial obligation. He is not bound to me by blood, but by his own decision. It's quite a big deal in my little world.  

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