Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So last week I was on vacation. (Yippy!) 
Didn't do much of anything extremely special. Went to lunch with a friend on Tuesday, did some cleaning, not as much as I would have liked and went to Epcot at the end of the week! (WAHOO!)

I wish we would have been able to go somewhere, but time and money did not permit that. Oh well! Regardless, I love to go on trips. I love leaving home and my own personal sense of reality and responsibility behind and being able to just forget things and life for a while. One thing I love about going on trips is getting settled into a hotel with the nicely made beds, new and clean towels.... oy it's lovely. Perhaps what is so appealing is the fact that while away I do not have to take care of anything or anyone... it's done for me. 

I am a moody dresser, which causes a problem when packing. I always, ALWAYS over pack. I so admire those people that can plan certain outfits for each day that they are on vacation... i simply can not do that. It's not in my DNA. I also always seem to bring a book with me, in the event I have the time to read, but I never read it. I always have the laptop with me to entertain me as well. While the hotels offer television, the channels are usually minimal and there is NEVER anything on. I guess it would be pointless to go on a trip where there is a lot of good tv, then you could end up spending too much time in the hotel room.

Despite my tendency to over pack, it seems inevitable that I will have forgotten something... and of course I didn't disappoint on this trip. We forgot a toothbrush for Firefighter... dammit! So a Target run was required. One great thing about Target is that they all seem to be the same...the layout and the products. Later on, I realized that I also forgot shaving cream for me... I suffered with the hotel bar of soap. 

As much as I like to pack and go away, I hate unpacking. Needless to say, as I sit here right now, I am still packed, with the exception of the essentials. I will get to it eventually.... hopefully! Ha ha! 

I have pics to add and a post to do about Epcot, but that is going to have to wait. Also, I plan on elaborating a bit more about vacation. It was lovely. 

Night night!

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  1. I hate packing b/c I stress over every item and then unpacking sucks. But I LOVE trips. They are worth the packing part. Glad you got away.