Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter festivities

I know I am a little late posting about the Easter weekend, but better late then never right?

Well our festivity fun started on Saturday. We were invited our friend's mother's house for an Easter brunch. It was very nice. The food was delicious and I got to snuggle a baby... a tiny baby! (And of course I have NO documentation of the event... CURSES). Later that evening Firefighter went to his parents house for dinner with his family consisting of his sister, his grandmother and his cousins. I went to my mom's for dinner with my brother's family. Mom does a LOT of baking the week before Easter. She makes a special bread and a lot of pies. One of our Easter traditions is to eat genoa salami (sliced paper thin) and hard boiled eggs. I know it SOUNDS weird.. but it's so yummy! After dinner we went to church. The service was TWO HOURS LONG!!!!!! Sorry, and I hope not to offend, but OH MY GOOOOODNESS!!!!! I was cursing....

Sunday morning I was up and out the door early to get the ingredients for the sweet potato casserole I had to make for the Easter party/luncheon at our other friends house. It was delicious. I have never made it before, but it came out quite good, if I do say so myself. ANYWHO... we went to our friends at 2:00 and we were hanging out waiting for the rest of the guests to show up because we were under the impression we were eating at 2, but we ate at 4. AND we still had to go to my sister's for our family dinner at 6:00pm. So... I have to say that our friend's GF is quite the little Martha Stewart... she made up her table so nice and even crafted a bunny out of bread. 

Over all it was a wonderful and TIRING weekend!!! 

And to finish off this post here is a  picture of me and Firefighter all gussied up! 

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