Wednesday, April 27, 2011

extreme couponing...

ok so i get the point of couponing, but i do NOT get the point of this nonsense of spending 60 hours planning a shopping trip. Talk about having no life. I get wanting to save money, but this seems a bit excessive. And how much of what they buy do they actually USE? that is what slays me... how much of what they are buying sits there? how much expires? how do you track your stock pile? it seems like so much work. i am all about saving money and making changes when your financial situation changes, but this seems ridiculous. 

sorry... had to get that off my chest. 

easter festivities

I know I am a little late posting about the Easter weekend, but better late then never right?

Well our festivity fun started on Saturday. We were invited our friend's mother's house for an Easter brunch. It was very nice. The food was delicious and I got to snuggle a baby... a tiny baby! (And of course I have NO documentation of the event... CURSES). Later that evening Firefighter went to his parents house for dinner with his family consisting of his sister, his grandmother and his cousins. I went to my mom's for dinner with my brother's family. Mom does a LOT of baking the week before Easter. She makes a special bread and a lot of pies. One of our Easter traditions is to eat genoa salami (sliced paper thin) and hard boiled eggs. I know it SOUNDS weird.. but it's so yummy! After dinner we went to church. The service was TWO HOURS LONG!!!!!! Sorry, and I hope not to offend, but OH MY GOOOOODNESS!!!!! I was cursing....

Sunday morning I was up and out the door early to get the ingredients for the sweet potato casserole I had to make for the Easter party/luncheon at our other friends house. It was delicious. I have never made it before, but it came out quite good, if I do say so myself. ANYWHO... we went to our friends at 2:00 and we were hanging out waiting for the rest of the guests to show up because we were under the impression we were eating at 2, but we ate at 4. AND we still had to go to my sister's for our family dinner at 6:00pm. So... I have to say that our friend's GF is quite the little Martha Stewart... she made up her table so nice and even crafted a bunny out of bread. 

Over all it was a wonderful and TIRING weekend!!! 

And to finish off this post here is a  picture of me and Firefighter all gussied up! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leave the Gun... Take the Cannoli

I finally saw "The Godfather" for the first time Wednesday night. WOW! What a movie!!! We have 2 and 3 in on our list with netflix, because I haven't seen any of the movies.

So the movie wasn't bad. It was good. It did have it's parts where it dragged on and on and.... on... While I understand that the first movie was laying the foundation, it was ridiculously LONG!! I am glad we are going to be watching the trilogy. It will clue me in on a lot of movie references I am sure. 

While I enjoyed the movie, despite it's lackluster beginning, the killing bothered me towards the end. One of the commonly used lines in the movie was "it's not personal, it's business". Well, how is killing someone NOT personal? And who are the mob to decide who lives and who dies??? 

I had the HARDEST time understanding Marlon Brando... I tried so hard. There were times when he was clear and other times not so much. AL PACINO (at that age) was FREAKING GORGEOUS!!! OOOOMMMGGG!!!!! What a looker! And he came off so sweet and gentlemanly. I almost didn't recognize him. I didn't realize the star power that was in that movie... Marlon, Al, James Caan, Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall, etc. What a great cast!

I hope that people didn't perceive all Italians/Sicilians as the movie portrayed them. I am both. Not all Italians are connected to the mob (*make a mental note please).

SOOOO... Long story short... once we move on to the 3rd movie, I am going to prepare an Italian "feast" for Firefighter and I while we watch the last movie. I am quite excited about it. Not sure what the menu will be just yet though... I will keep you all posted. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Say Yes to the Dress on TLC

I love watching this show on TLC. I have to say thought that most of the brides that appear on the show allow their friends/mothers/family members to influence their decision too much! In the most recent episode that I was watching the bride allowed her teenage sister to determine the dress... UM... SERIOUSLY??? Needless to say nothing was satisfactory to the teenager so the bride left empty handed. Really, who is wearing the dress?!?!

Most of the brides tend to bring an army of people with them when they go dress shopping... too many cooks if you ask me. I plan on bringing family only with me when I go dress shopping. Maybe for the fittings with I bring my peeps. I have a feeling if I brought too many people with me I would end up strangling someone. I have absolutely no desire to bring my FMIL with me. (Notice how close the acronym for Future Mother In Law is to FML??) Her and I are not close. There is no warm and fuzzy there... And for the love of me I can't see bringing the fiancee with me. I want him to be surprised when he sees me. I want him to be speechless... oh my romantic heart. I know that I will KNOW which dress is for me the moment I try it on and that will be the end of it. Not to mention that I kind of would like to surprise people with my dress. I mean I am only going to get to shine like that for one day, I want to make an impression.

I think the more people that come, the more the bride gets lost. Her vision becomes no more. It starts to become about other people and not her... and it's supposed to be about her.  I hate when the mother is so selfish and domineering that she puts her wants before that of her daughters... um, this isn't your wedding, back off! Then you have the bossy friend who has too much to say. Usually on the show this is the one I want to high five in the face. I think her arrogance is a mask for her jealousy. But that is just me. I hate when you see the brides leave empty handed because their mother or "best" friend has poo pooed their idea of a dream dress. Where do they get off?!?!?!